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The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

November 22nd, 2007 by Sirius Lee

Michaelangelo's Moses

A favorite among root doctors and conjurers of the Hoodoo tradition, this book was purportedly penned by Moses himself and includes explanations of the magic he used to perform miracles during the days of the Exodus. It contains the seals of angelic, planetary and demonic spirits and instructions on how to summon them. You can download this from the Grimoires section.

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De Vermis Mysteriis

November 21st, 2007 by Sirius Lee

Supposedly a fictional grimoire that appears in the stories written by Robert Bloch. Originally entitled Mysteries of the Worm, it was later referred to instead by its Latin equivalent upon H. P. Lovecraft’s suggestion. Lovecraft called De Vermis Mysteriis one of the books that “repeat the most hellish secrets learnt by early man”.

This ebook is an English translation of a Russian document authored by Roman Tertius Sibellius. You can download this from the Grimoires section.

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Signs of the End Times #2 – My Little Cthulhu

November 21st, 2007 by Sirius Lee

My Little Cthulhu

Bow before your new vinyl overlords!

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Necronomicon Stuff

November 21st, 2007 by Sirius Lee

Some quick additions to the Necronomicon section:

  • Al Azif – The Cipher Manuscript known as “Necronomicon”
  • History of the Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Simon Necronomicon Amulet of Protection
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Signs of the End Times #1 – Cthulhu for President ‘08

November 16th, 2007 by Sirius Lee

Cthulhu for President '08

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The Metaphysical Art of Vladislav Provotorov

November 16th, 2007 by Sirius Lee

I’m not sure what to make of Metakultura, being that the website is mostly in Russian, but it’s sure got some interesting metaphysical artwork. This piece by Vladislav Provotorov has Noah’s Ark perched on what appears to be the Tower of Babel.

Noah's Ark

This one’s an inside view of the Tower of Babel as a Lovecraftian abomination rises from the infernal depths.

Cosmogony № 666

And here’s another version of the Tower of Babel with what appears to be the Whore of Babylon astride another betentacled leviathan.

Tower of Babel

There’s more where these came from, so if you’re craving for a visual feast, head on over to Metakultura’s feature on Vladislav Provotorov.

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Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

November 15th, 2007 by Sirius Lee

For those wanting a refreshing take on aliens, metaphysics, the matrix control system, conspiracy, alternative science and other fringe topics, saunter over to Montalk.net. Chock full of material reminiscent of The Law of One, The Cassiopaean Transcripts, Bringers of the Dawn, Gnosis, and The Toltec Teaching Series, this is one website that will shake your belief system to its very core.

Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

Available for free download from this website is Fringe Knowledge for Beginners. Here is what Tom, the author, has to say about this ebook:

When my younger brothers expressed interest in my work, I realized they needed an introductory primer that covered a broad range of alternative subjects in the simplest and most concise manner possible. Fringe Knowledge for Beginners is the result.

This book offers the most important and practical concepts known to me in the fewest number of pages, written to be understood by anyone with an open mind. Its goal is to provide an organized sequential overview of our “situation” regarding metaphysics, cosmology, human origins, aliens, the Control System, the Shift, and how to empower ourselves spiritually. I end with a finely honed list of books for further study.

Should you prefer to have a hardcopy of this book, you can purchase it from here.

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Welcome to the Occult Underground Blog!

November 14th, 2007 by Sirius Lee

My original intention for Occult Underground was for it to serve as an online repository of ebooks and software on the occult, mysticism, magick and metaphysics. But I’ve been receiving a deluge of emails from visitors sharing a plethora of arcane odds and ends that didn’t quite fit into the existing format of the website. So I’ve decided to set up this web journal in order to document these miscellaneous esoterica. I invite you to peruse the pages of this blog and join me in exploring the realms of the supernatural, the mysterious, the strange and the forbidden.

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