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Lost Knowledge, Past Lives and Extraterrestrials

November 17th, 2008 by Sirius Lee

Past-life regressionist Dolores Cannon discussed her recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge.” Using a hypnosis technique she developed herself, she takes clients into the deepest level of trance, into a kind of “universal consciousness.” In this state, she gleans information from them about their past lives, extraterrestrials and the metaphysical realms. She also spoke about 2012 in terms of being a dimensional shift into the “New Earth”, and touched on her work with Nostradamus, who she believes she communicated across time with, and who told her the future is not set in stone, but there are certain “nexus points” (events or personalities) that have to happen.

Kudos to Ozark Mountain Publishing for this excellent interview. Thanks, too, to Alien Deceptions and eyezbback for uploading this to YouTube.

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