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 Post subject: A Morning Cup of Om
PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:13 am 
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A Morning Cup of Om
by Dr. Kelly, Psychic Counselor

1. Don't put off things that you can do today. It's so easy to find ways to stay busy and fill our days to overflowing until there's no time left to do the things we should do or want to do. The Internet has made this far easier! Time passes by quickly, and before we know it, it's long past time for bed. Make it a habit each day before you sit down at the computer to do at least one thing you SHOULD do. Nothing horrible will happen if you make work or emails wait a bit, and you'll have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for having accomplished something you know you should have.

2. Whenever you see an opportunity to do a good deed, jump on it! Whether this is opening a door for someone in a wheelchair, helping an elderly person to load groceries into their car, making a casserole and taking it to a neighbor who's ill, or sending a "just thinking of you" card to a friend or family member you haven't talked to for awhile, do it. It's sad that at times I've offered to help someone out and they look at me with suspicion or even anger. We live in a day and age where it's "every man for himself" and good deeds are incredibly uncommon. Let's bring back the days of common courtesy and kindness. Not only will it make the other person feel good, but you'll walk away feeling downright incredible!

3. Don't be a nag. There's nothing worse than having someone hovering over your shoulder telling you you're doing something wrong, should do it better, or forgot to do it at all. Women are notorious for nagging, but men are guilty too! I have a few Capricorns in my life who seem especially good at this skill. I say live and let live. Nobody is perfect, and people certainly don't need to be reminded of their shortcomings. Instead, choose to focus on yourself and ways to make your life happier. Many times nagging is just a cover up for deeper problems in a relationship, or a way to take the focus off yourself and the reasons why you aren't feeling happy or fulfilled. With my naggers, they mean well. They have the "I'm a mom/dad to the world" syndrome going on. I love and respect their well-meaning reminders and advice, but as an adult it tends to get a bit annoying. We're all on our own path in life; try not to walk on someone else's too much.

4. Unsubscribe to all but your most favorite groups and newsletters. It adds stress to our already busy lives to wake up each morning and see our inbox stuffed full of messages, most of which we don't even care much about. Take a look at the groups and newsletters you're signed up for, if they aren't offering you anything of value, let them go. Unsubscribe to catalogs, magazines, and junk mail you don't read. You'll save some trees while saving your time and energy from having to sift through the stuff and tossing most of it out.

5. Think good thoughts, especially about your past. We've all had some really bad things happen to us. Some worse than others. Refuse to dwell on these negative memories. All it serves is to bring your energy level down, and surround you with an aura that deflects anything good from coming into your life. Whenever a negative thought about the past comes up, replace it with a positive thought that is equally powerful. For instance, say you were abused as a child or in a relationship and a certain event pops into your mind. Instead of giving in to the memory, bring up a happy memory you have and recall it in as much detail as possible. If you have very few happy memories, or find it hard to come up with something when anger or pain strike, make a list of some happier times when you're in a good mood and read it when you're feeling down. You could even write down future events that you hope to experience. If you were in a very bad relationship, write down what you would love in your next relationship. (Be reasonable though because nobody's perfect!) Write down what your future mate will be like and some happy times you'd like to share with him/her. This is also a great way to program your mind and energy field into attracting what you desire most. The past is gone, it's done and over. The only way it can have any effect on you now is if you let it. Those "bad memory" pathways have worn a groove in your mind, so it's much easier to recall them--whether we like it or not. Choose to create "positive memory" pathways and see the difference it makes in your mood, and in your life.

Join me tomorrow for another Morning Cup of Om!

Dr. Kelly, Psychic Counselor

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