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 Post subject: Maximizing The Time of Your Life
PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:24 am 
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Maximizing The Time of Your Life
by LeeDavidhcz

Setting personal and business goals are a must if you want to experience the benefit of time management. Setting goals outlines your intentions for what you plan to do and makes it real to you.

Goals are not results!

Many people are afraid to set goals because they are afraid of what happens if they "fail" to achieve them. They believe that it negatively affects their self-image.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the most positive aspects of setting personal and professional goals is what not achieving a goal teaches you. If you don't achieve a goal, there can be any number of reasons why, some of which are beyond your control. However, examining why it was not achieved will yield valuable insights into your beliefs, attitudes and emotions.

Goal setting and motivation

You need to feel desire about your goal. Motivation is desire. Do something because you really want to. You can use all the best techniques for goal setting and planning, but if the desire is not there then: Ø You’re less likely to achieve the goal Ø You feel a sense of emptiness about it if you do

Write your goals down!

Write your goals down (or draw, paint them, etc). It helps to make them real where you can see them, rather than swirling about endlessly in your head, where they have no outlet. This will also help to keep you on track. The phrasing of goals is also very important. Phrase them in the present, so you can act as if they're already happening. This programs your brain to start working towards it. Use "I am...." instead of "I will...". The latter refers to some indeterminate time in the future, which may never happen. The former keeps you firmly focused in the here and now, while keeping the future in sight. Also remember that just because a goal is written down, doesn't mean that it is set in stone! You are always free to change and modify your goals as your circumstances change.

Focus on the results you expect to gain

Your job is to learn how to direct this power by consciously focusing to get the outcomes you want. First, you have to discover all the things you focus on that you do not want and I’m willing to bet there are quite a few, way more than you think. Then, you have to get very clear about what you DO want. You have to examine each of the things you want and be sure that they are not just something you do NOT want in disguise. For instance, saying: “I want my business to make over $100,000/year” would no longer be an issue if you had not had previous businesses that did not do that well, and so even in making this seemingly positive statement, you are focusing on not wanting to be unsuccessful. Saying “I want a reliable car” wouldn’t even come up if you weren’t focusing on the fact that you don’t want a car that breaks down and needs a lot of repairs. Remember, focus on positive results and drop the history of former experiences that were negative.

The Solution? Practice, Persistence, Practice

It’s a good idea to write down what you want specifically. Read what you have written to yourself, preferably aloud, several times a day, while seeing yourself, in your mind, already having what you want. A good example of this would be: “I get things done timely,” “I get things done timely,” “I get things done timely.” It could also be something like: “I am the best organizer around,” “I am the best organizer around,” “I am the best organizer around.” Then, take whatever action is available to begin moving towards what you want. A good time to do this reading and visualizing is when you first wake up and right before you go to bed.

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