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PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:28 pm 
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by Skot McCall

Throughout the ages, the mind has been compared to a knife. The mind has two parts – conscious and subconscious. These are like the two sides of a blade. A knife penetrates. It even cuts through the air, as do brainwaves. If it is wielded carelessly, used constantly and never sharpened, it will become dull (Alzheimers).

Meditation is the perfect exercise for strengthening the mind and gaining a connection to the Creative Source.

Where to begin?

Beginning meditators often find it very powerful to simply place the attention on one's breath. Follow it, as it flows effortlessly, in and out of your being. This exercise calls forth images of ocean waves beckoning us with the soothing ebb and flow of Life.

Be the witness.

Whatever dreams may come through the depths of silence – BE THE WITNESS! An incredibly effective way to let go of thought, is to step outside of it. Here is where beginning meditators tend to get stuck and give up. They feel it is too difficult to stop the mind. Fortunately, once you gain a few deeply effective meditation experiences, you may feel it is too difficult to live with a mind that WON'T stop! The solution to overcoming this illusionary hurdle?

Let go of the struggle!

Allow everything! If your mind insists on going over a list of the bills you owe, just allow it. The trick is to identify these self-defeating thoughts and to “tag” them as quickly as possible. Then, as the Beatles would say, “Let it be.”

Two methods:

Some people find it helpful to have a “trigger” word. The moment you identify an unwanted thought, you can replace that thought with the word “peace” or any trigger word that makes you feel centered. With practice, you will be able to instantly dissolve the unwanted thought and return to the silence. Another thought enters? “Peace” and return. Eventually, the space between thoughts will widen. You will go deeper and deeper into the silence, the field of pure potentiality, where all creation takes place.

Place any thoughts that enter your head into an imaginary bubble and send them on their way.

No rules.......

Most of us have heard at least a few of the “rules” for meditating: Assume a triangular Tantric pose in a magnetically-energized, crystal pyramid facing Northeast, palms upward in a traditional mudra position, breathing circular breaths through your left nostril for three and a half hours, while envisioning a sparkling indigo unicorn on Uranus. Oops! Forgot the nag champa incense? Now you'll never be at peace with the Universe! This is a bit much.

The Truth I've come to know, is that we are each at one with the Creative Source. Therefore, we ARE the Creative Source. Meditation cleanses our consciousness, so that we may come to know this personal Truth, if it is our path. From this perspective, it appears quite pretentious to teach that the only way to attain the wisdom of our limitless creative potential is by following a strict set of rules.

My point is – there are no rules! Do it at the laundromat, on a bus, at the edge of a stream. Do it at a funeral, on the roof, in the middle of a dream. Do it in a box, with a fox. Even if you don't do it at all, that's fine, because.......

All is perfect!

It is my deepest understanding that ALL IS PERFECT. So, your meditation can be ANYTHING you want. I have only given suggestions. It's okay if your meditation “practice” is serious and ritualistic, light and playful, or anything in-between. For me, it is a fun part of the game we have come to enjoy!

One temporarily final note – It has come to my attention, more and more, that a greater number of people are reacting to Life as a living, breathing, waking meditation.

Let it be!

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