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 Post subject: Releasing Fear and Changing it through Meditation
PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:39 am 
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Releasing Fear and Changing it through Meditation
by H.P. Thomas Moore

What exactly is Fear? Do any of us really know? The Dictionary describes Fear as:

“distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid”

Though that is an accurate definition by standards there is still so much about it that we do not understand how to explain or even react to. Many of us have had times where a situation or event has caused Fear to rule our lives for either a short period of time or even longer. This can certainly be distressing especially if the fear is rooted in something that we are consciously unaware of. In this manner it becomes difficult for us to recognize the fear for exactly what it is so that we can learn to either control it or attack it head on. Once we learn that we can face the fears that we have and augment them in order to release them from our lives, there is a release that occurs that helps to free the mind and allow the living of life more easily.

Far be it from me to tell anyone what they should or should not do in life that is obviously what we have free will for. I do suggest that everyone at some point try to find the base of their fears and change that base so that the fear no longer affects them. There are certainly many different ways that this can be done, many that are tried and true like hypnotism, and others that are newly created like meditation. I would like to talk a bit about the latter and about using meditation and self awareness in order to release ourselves from our fears.

Through most of our lives we live with fear and in a world of fear. We are taught very early that there are things to be afraid of, and instead of using that to empower ourselves we choose to allow it to consume us when it comes. Fear can come quickly, almost instantaneous in situations. It can also be built over years and years that fear becoming stronger and stronger as it grows. The problem is that when we have a moment of fear, we don’t have rational thought through that moment. When fear arrives our fight or flight reflexes kick in and we work purely on instinct. Instinct is a good thing, as any of us surely know, but when the conscious mind takes a break from its chore and allows instinct to take over completely, you can run into some problems. My belief is that the more self aware that you are, the easier it is to keep that conscious frame of mind through the intensity of the fear and then uses that energy to empower yourself, and release a stronger emotional reaction in order to free yourself from the bindings of fear. The key in my opinion to releasing ourselves from fear is by the use of meditation and self awareness.

Meditation is the art of stilling the mind so that you become aware of what is self and what is not self. Fear, I believe is a reaction that is not caused by self per say, but caused by emotional reactions that are not controlled reactions. If we were more in tune with our entire self then we would be more easily able to recognize when an emotion is occurring and react to it accordingly in a conscious way. This can be more beneficial to us than reacting in an uncontrolled way that relies on intuition. By being able to control the emotion better we are then able to continue to look at things from an objective point of view and not allow ourselves to get swept away by that emotion. Seeing things objectively can allow us to make better decisions in the face of fear and control it so that it does not or cannot affect us in the future. This can also work to release us from past fears that we have held on to for so long and have little control over.

By now you are asking yourself just how it is that we go about this in order to release ourselves from fear and become self aware. As said before I believe that meditation is the key in doing this, but the type of meditation is very important, depending on what you are using it for. Are you going to use meditation in order to help aid you in gaining better control over your emotional reaction to fear, or are you going to relive a past experience in order to get to the root cause of a fear that you have currently? Personally I suggest that both are done, though it can be a difficult road to travel, and an emotional one at that especially in the beginning. For now I suggest that you choose one to travel and when you feel comfortable with your improvement, travel the other.

Let’s first talk about using meditation and self awareness in order to release ourselves from a fear rooted in the past. This can be a difficult one especially if you are one to believe in past lives and reincarnation. It is very possible that the soul collects the fears that it has learned and takes them onto its next incarnation. This could explain why we have so many fears that we cannot pin point the origins of in the lives that we are living currently. These past fears can also be based from a childhood trauma or experience that we have chosen to forget in order to make an attempt to put it behind us. In that case it becomes more difficult because you are not looking at it from a third party type view, it was actually something that you lived recently and have blocked it from memory. Though you may have blocked the memory from resurfacing on a conscious level, you cannot block the emotion of the fear that is related to it. That is of course unless you use meditation to travel back to the origins of the incident that caused the reaction of fear and work through it on a different level in order to replace the fear with empowerment. Then, when you find yourself in that situation again in a future time you can relay back to the empowerment that you created to replace the feeling of fear and move forward through the situation rather then allow it to make you revert backward. Many time people think that this is in regard to major fears or disorders, and while this will also work to benefit those as well it works for the little fears that we deal with everyday. These can run as deep as possible or be so far on the surface that they seem to wipe off, the point is though to release them from you in order to live life completely and fully without the fear of fear.

In this paragraph I am going to explain the guided meditation that I use to travel to the past of a situation and change the fear into empowerment.
First you will want to get in a meditative position in a place that you will not be bothered by phones children or pets. You may sit, stand or lie down (so long as you don’t fall asleep) as long as you are sure to keep nothing crossed. Crossing of the arms, legs or other parts interrupt the flow of energy in the body and put a clamp on the circuit. If you choose to sit Indian style or in a Yoga position this is acceptable as the energy in those positions is allowed to flow freely. Now what we want to do is to relax our entire body and keep our mind awake and alert.

Begin by taking 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out of the mouth. This will align the energy in the body.

Begin with your brain. Visualize your brain becoming smooth and soft, glowing with white light. As you do any worries anxieties or pains release from the brain and allow you to achieve complete relaxation. Say to yourself “Brain you are relaxed and you release all tension”. Now when you feel that relaxation breathe it in and as you exhale send that relaxation and light shooting down your entire body, through your feet and into the ground below. This cleanses the body of all negative vibration and grounds it out into the earth so that it may be recycled by nature into positive vibration.

Now focus on your feet, seeing them surrounded by the white light. Feel them stretch and contract and drop down into full relaxation. Say to yourself “Feet you are relaxed and you release all tension”. Now move that light up to your legs from ankle to hip. Feel the legs fall into relaxation same as the feet. Say to yourself “Legs you are relaxed and you release all tension.”

Move that light upward again to your lower torso are from hips to chest. Breathe in the light and allow it to drop your lower torso into full relaxation. Say to yourself “Torso you are relaxed and you release all tension.”

Moving up still focus on your upper torso from your chest to your neck. Allow the light to penetrate your body and drop it into complete relaxation. Say to yourself “Upper torso you are relaxed and release all tension.”

Now move to your head from your neck up to your head and face. Allow that light to penetrate you once again and fall deep into relaxation. Say to yourself “Head, Neck and Face. You are relaxed and release all tension.”

Move that light back around you and focus on your back. See the light rubbing your back releasing tension and dropping you into relaxation. Say to yourself “Back you are relaxed and you release all tension”.

Now bring that feeling to your arms and hands. Allowing them to relax as well. Say to yourself “Hands and Arms, you are relaxed and you release all tension".

Now that your body is completely relaxed and has released all of its tension allow yourself to sit for a moment your mind still active but focused on relaxation. Sit in this meditative spot for a few minutes and allow your body to fully sink into a relaxed state. Always remembering that your mind is fully awake and alert.

Now you are going to open your inner eyes and see yourself sitting in a field midday. The summer air smells sweet around you, as a cool breeze rushes past your face. You look to your front and see that there is a thick forest of trees off somewhat in the distance. As you peer into the forest you see a small path appear to lead you. You walk toward the path and travel down into the woods. As you walk you see the flora and fauna on either side of you change color. First Red then Orange, to Yellow, Green, Blue changing still to Indigo, Violet and finally White. As the white flora fade you end up by a river. On the river bed is a basket with a lid. You reach for the basket and open it. You release all of your worries and anxieties into the basket, and close the lid. You place it in the water and let the current take it far away from you.

You kneel beside the river and peer deep into the water. As you look focus on a fear that you have that stems from a past situation. Focus on that fear and put it into the water. Tell the water that you want to see the root cause of that fear. Don’t worry, you are completely protected and will be watching the events take place much like a movie. Only this time you will be able to change the occurrences.

See the water ripple and spread until it is completely still. As you look into the river you see a scene begin to appear. This is the situation that you were in when your fear first arose. Watch the scene play out and see where the fear took place. Realize the root cause of that fear.

Now play the scene once again, only now see yourself as you are now in the scene still watching from a 3rd part perspective. When you come to the part where your fear takes place I want you to do the following:

Lean in to your past self and whisper into its ear. “This fear cannot harm you; you are strong, courageous and loved. This emotion has lost its control over you. You will change your reaction and in doing so empower yourself!”

Now pull back and watch the scene play out once more. This time seeing your past self changing the fear into empowerment and not letting it take control. You have now released yourself from that fear. In no way or circumstance will it be able to affect you as it once did. You will instead feel strong and empowered by similar situations instead of feeling fear. This fear is now gone from your life, and will never again return.

Wipe your hand through the image in the water and disturb the surface as the picture fades away. Turn from the river and travel back down the forest path, this time seeing the flowers change in reverse order White, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Come back to the field that you began in. Relax into the place you started.

Wiggle your fingers and toes to begin to come back into your body. Stretch your body in its place. And finally when you feel comfortable open your eyes.
As you can see from this meditation we used the images that we saw in the river to change the past event from creating the fear based emotion and created instead a powerful and positive emotion to take its place. For very simple fears this meditation done once would be sufficient. For fears that are slightly more extreme, you may find yourself doing this meditation a few times, each time changing the emotional reaction to empowerment. The more it is done, the better and stronger you will become when faced with a similar situation. It is important to know that this is not a quick fix by any means. In fact in some cases this can take more work than that of seeing a hypnotherapist or psychologist. The important factor here is that you are using your own energy, your own voice to lead yourself through the meditation, and take control of your own emotional reactions by replacing it with positive influence from yourself. This is part of self empowerment and self awareness. You are the only one that can decide whether or not to change the situation to an empowering outcome or not.

Now we begin to work on something different. Meditation for self awareness is the next step. This will aid us so that when we come across situations that cause us fear we can remain self aware and take an objective standpoint in order to gauge our emotional reaction and change fear to courage. This too is going to take time to master so to speak. Why is this? Fear is something that we have known since our very first incarnation into this world. We know that it exists. We were unaware however that we could control that reaction to be something more beneficial to us. The next guided meditation will bring you through an exercise built to help you realize your self awareness, and be able to better control your emotional reactions. When we realize what is truly us and what is causing an effect from outside of us we have an easier time with telling that emotional reaction to back off and to replace it with something different. As I said before these will certainly work on fears that are strong within the person. Fears that we know that we have but do not know where they stem from. The best result that you will get from practicing these techniques is that you will be able to disperse fears that you were unaware that you had. Fear of success for example is something that most of us deal with, but are unaware that we have. Because of this we self sabotage our situations so that we cannot achieve what it is we think we want because of the fear. By using the self awareness techniques we can better realize when our unconscious mind is out to get us so to speak, and correct it in order to work for us instead of against us. There are so many different fears that are built inside of us that we cannot even think about living without them. To do so seems impossible to the mind. That itself is a fear, the fear of living freely and easily without fears. A word is to be said here as well about the releasing of fears along with the law of attraction. It is said that what we think we create. All of this is done subconsciously without our knowing. The best way to gauge this is to be aware of your emotions through that self awareness. If we are aware of our emotional reactions and we can change the emotion of fear to something that is beneficial, then it will become easier for us to attract positive influences in our lives, doing that will then make us emotionally happy, and allow us to continue to attract that happiness. So you see, by releasing our fears not only are we allowing ourselves to reprogram our emotional influences, but we are also allowing the flow of positive energy for manifestation.

Close your eyes as before and start with the 3 deep breaths to ground and center yourself. Then move onto the relaxation from the first exercise to relax the body and keep the mind awake and alert.
Now open your inner eyes and see yourself at the base of a waterfall.
As you look around you see that there is a crystal clear river in front of you and you are surrounded by a thick tropical forest. In the center of the river is a large flat stone.

Wade across the river and make your way to the stone. Sit down Indian style on the stone and face the waterfall.

Close your eyes and focus on the breath as you listen to the white noise of the waterfall crashing down.

Breathe in through the nose for a count of 4. 1……2……3……4……now hold that breathe for a count of 2 1……2……now release for a count of 4 1……2……3……4……
Repeat this breathing until you feel your body rhythmically breathing on its own. Focus on the breath, and allow the sound of the waterfall to bring you deeper into meditation. Focus only on the breath and allow your mind to clear.
Your body is now breathing rhythmically on its own following the same 4…2…4 pattern. Now that we have achieved a state of meditation we are going to work on our self awareness by expanding our aura and programming our 8th chakra.
First, focus on the aura around you. Feel the energy shell that surrounds your body. Visualize the colors that swirl inside your aura. See them brighter than they ever were before. Now breathe in and as you exhale expand that aura outward see it as it expands and grows larger. Do this again, expanding the aura out and growing it larger and larger. See you aura reach all the way to the waterfall and down the river, and through the forest in both directions.
Now that your aura is expanded you are able to realize the energy of animals, plants, and other living things that are close to your energy field. You are able to feel the emotions that they produce without allowing yourself to be encumbered by them.

This is the first step to self awareness. The realization of the energies that move around you and the feeling of that energy without physical or emotional effect to you.

You can expand your aura at any time and with it will come the ability to understand the emotional states around you without them affecting you.
Now see a golden, white light surround you. It reaches from high into the sky to far below the earth. Sit in this light and allow it to penetrate your body, mind, and soul. This is the universal light of energy, protection and power.
This column of light now sends a ray to your Root Center, at the base of your spine. As the light touches it you see that it begins to spin and become a bright red color. Allow the feeling of warmth that may accompany it. Now focus on that red light and allow it to grow bright. Watch as it moves itself upward and activates your next chakra.

This is your Sacral Center, near your navel. As it is activated it begins to glow a bright orange. Getting stronger and stronger, you can feel its warmth as well. Soon this chakra rises to activate the next.

This is your Solar Plexus Center, at the base of your breast bone. It begins to spin and glow a brilliant yellow color. As it gent brighter it too moves itself upward quite naturally and activates the next center.

This is your Heart Center, located in the center of your chest. When activated it spins a deep green color. Feel its warmth as well as it spins and grows, until it flows upward.

It now activates the Throat Center in the middle of the neck. This glows a true blue color. And fills your neck with warmth, as it spins. This light too reaches up and moves to the next Chakra Center.

This is your Third Eye Center located in between your eyes at the bridge of your nose. As it activates it begins to spin and color appears as a deep indigo. This too rises fluidly to the next center.

Your Crown Center now activates, located at the top of your head it glows a brilliant violet color and fills your head with warmth. This light rises as a brilliant gold beam and activated the 8th Chakra one foot above your head.

As the 8th Chakra is activated it begins to glow white, silver and gold. It gets brighter and brighter as it is charged with all of the colors of your 7 Chakras. Now we must program this Chakra to allow us to gain self awareness.

Say to yourself:
“8th body Chakra, I charge you to allow me self awareness in all that I do. I ask that you allow that awareness especially in times of fear so that I may use that energy to replace fear with empowerment. 8th Chakra replaces my fears with empowerment as you allow me to gain self awareness. Self awareness is empowerment!”

Now see that chakra turn from white, silver and gold, to a solid gold as it is charged with your request. This chakra will now allow you self awareness through times of fear. This will work on its own without any physical effort from you.

Now focus on the breath once again repeating that 4…2…4 pattern. Find yourself slowly coming back to physical awareness as you see yourself on the rock in the river and begin to hear the waterfall once again.

Stretch in your seat and move your body slowly coming back to physical awareness. Then when you are comfortable open your eyes and return to this room.

In this last meditation we used the chakras as well as rhythmic breathing to center and charge our 8th chakra center. The chakras are spinning wheels of energy that align the center of the body. There are 7 main chakras that are habitually focused on in the metaphysical field, but the body has many more energy centers throughout it as well. The 8th chakra is also sometimes referred to as the Cone of Power. This chakra can be programmed to work for you in any way that you would like. Here we charged it with allowing us self awareness through fear situations.

Be aware that you may find in the beginning that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This is ok and very common. It does take time for a complete reprogramming of the body reactions through meditation and self awareness, however doing this meditation over and over will energize that 8th chakra more and more so that when situations of fear arise you are more likely to retain self awareness and change the fear into empowerment. This is not a fool proof method by any means. In fact there is no fool proof method available. This takes time and dedication as well as energy from you. That is the most important part though, is that you are using your own energy to charge yourself with empowerment through fear, and in time can become the strongest reaction that you can have, with the strongest energy that can create it…your own.

Rev. Thomas Moore is High Priest of The Coven of L.I.G.H.T in South West Florida, as well as a professional Psychic, Healer, Speaker and Author. He teaches a variety of classes in the metaphysical field as well as Wicca and is the Store Manager for Starchild Books in Port Charlotte Florida.

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