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 Post subject: Discovering the Sacred Heart / Hrit Padma Chakra
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:22 am 
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Discovering the Sacred Heart / Hrit Padma Chakra
by Rachel Goodwin

In 2006, a year after I had some deeply spiritual experiences working with earth vortexes in Hawai’i, I was guided to start an ‘earth healing’ group. The images I was given was to continue with the work being done by lightworkers of ‘cleansing’ the planet, and clearing the pollution of earths subtle bodies. This was to prepare the matrix for carrying higher energies, to assist the process of ascension of the earth and humanity.

As the group started, each month we would work with clearing specific energies within ourselves, often related to abundance and then to assisting with clearing specific places and towns. Initially we were working with elemental energies, and called on Pele, the fiery Hawai’ian goddess of the Volcano, who I had powerfully connected to during my sacred journey to the Big Island, Pele’s current home. After a few months, another presence began making herself felt, and this presence came forward as the ascended lady master Sarah. This involved much soul searching for me, as I had not been previously aware Sarah’s life, and felt concerned that I was my imagination was holding reign. As time went on, and Sarah began to reveal the teachings she had come to give, and I was supported by my spiritual circle, I began to realise that the teachings that were being given were giving us profound experiences and providing us with a new way of living.

One of the most profound was our discovery of the Hrit Padma chakra.

That particular month I was guided to write a journey work for the group where the focus of conscious awareness was placed in the different spheres, for example, focusing on the physical body then the mental body then the emotional body then the higher self and so on. This was so that we could become more aware, as a daily practice of where our consciousness was residing.

As part of the journey work I was inspired to write taking our awareness up to the highest heavens, to the highest possible vibrations of our higher, our original selves, and then bringing that focus of attention into the centre of ourselves, in our physical bodies, and coming right now into the moment, into the now.

When I had been working with these practices during the week as I prepared for the group, I had noticed a physical sensation like an energy, just underneath my heart chakra but above the solar plexus, but although I had been aware of it, I had no idea what it was, and so gave it no significance, as to maybe a possible clearing going on.

When we held the group that month, and the group experienced the journeywork of being at the centre of themselves, the feedback after the group was very interesting. Several people noticed what I had also experienced, was that the focus of attention, ‘out there’ at the highest heavens, felt the same as being ‘at the centre’. This we thought sounded all very quantum physics, because we had an inner knowing that ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ was although placed at two different locations, one and the same.

The next revelation from the feedback was that two other members of the group said they experienced a sensation when they came into the centre of themselves, just underneath the heart chakra but above the solar plexus. I was really excited at this point as I hadn’t mentioned my own experience to the group, thinking it was not anything of importance, but was still not the wiser for it. So at the end of the group, when I did the channelling that month, the group asked this question,

We sensed within ourselves this core place of ‘now’, of our being, just below the heart, do you have any more information, is it a new energy centre?

“At the centre of your being, is the place where all things are, and also is the place where nothing is. It is the place where your very being is, and also is the place where your unbeing is; and is yet the space where you are connected to everything, in this one central spark of your being. It is like the centre of the universe, constantly creating and recreating, destroying and ending and beginning all over again in each moment. When you bring yourself into the now, into the moment, this is where you are, each time, coming into that …….single particle where the universe is destroyed and then born again, and in that moment is all of the potential for all things.

This is a great mystery, and one that connects you up with your divinity, and also to your physical manifestation here on earth. It is the place where your very spark of being exists, in between heaven and earth, because where heaven and earth join, there is a fusion. But that spark, that divinity is the fusion, and energetically it exists within your bodies in the place the heaven and the earth energies are in fusion. From this place, you can energetically create all things, all potential is there, in this place. You have access to all that you need here, from heaven and from earth, fused together, as one.”

That night after the group, I had a nagging thought which wouldn’t leave me alone, and I started to reference this new information by looking through my books to see if I could find anything out. Up until the early hours of the morning, I discovered references to the Hrit Padma, a chakra point between the solar plexus and the heart centre, described as being two fingersbreadths beneath the heart centre. I didn’t get too much sleep that night as I was too excited by what I found. I investigated it further online to find further references, and found this chakra point described as the seat of the soul, and references to Narayana, who is described in the Upanishads as the Divine being as it was before it separated into Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva. I also found references stating that in the majority of humanity, this chakra point is blocked, which helps to explain why our societies are living very much from their ‘egos’, and we have the problems current in the world today.

After months of working with the energy here, through chanting and energy exercises, I have come to realise that clearing the energy to the Hrit Padma is a path to enlightenment. If the energy pathway at the Hrit Padma is a clear channel then we are one with our Higher, our Original Selves. I believe that the New Age of Aquarius would be greatly assisted in coming closer to us as we would wish it to, if we worked more with this energy centre as a collective.

These teachings of the Hrit Padma, which have been around for a long time, are now becoming more and more significant, and are available to all. Ascension for not just the masters, but for all of us, is our birthright, for we are the Divine made manifest………

© Rachel Goodwin 2008

Rachel Goodwin is a channel & energy healer working with the ascended masters, angelic & elemental kingdoms, & is a qualified hypnotherapist & nurse. To receive Rachel’s monthly ‘New Earth’ newsletter email subscribe to or you can join the New Earth group at for further info on the hrit padma, see the related article of Lady Sarah's channelled, 'the centre of yourSelves'

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