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 Post subject: Kuan Yin: Chakra Tuning, Prayer, Visualization and Sound
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:28 am 
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Kuan Yin: Chakra Tuning, Prayer, Visualization and the Importance of Sound
by kuanyinspirit

Continuing from our last session together, Lena agreed upon a “chakra countdown”: the process of evaluating the condition of one’s energy centers. So instead of the standard ten to zero hypnotic countdown, we traveled from Lena’s crown chakra to her solar plexus. Noting the color and vibrancy of each chakra, Lena also practiced expanding and contracting each “chakra wheel”, experimenting and becoming familiar with her corresponding comfort level for each energy center. (It is interesting to note how some can remain too open while others can be too closed in their heart and solar plexus chakras during daily interactions. Evaluating one’s chakra comfort level is one way to decipher whether one is too psychically or emotionally open or closed. In fact, Kuan Yin has mentioned, in earlier chapters, the possibility for "being too open"—that improper chakra alignment is potentially emotionally and even physically damaging. Too vulnerable in one’s heart chakra! Too shielded in one’s solar plexus! Scanning one’s energy centers from head to toe, one might very well discover any number of misalignments. It becomes a very pragmatic decision, indeed, for each to determine and practice achieving personal chakra comfort levels.)

When eventually reaching her heart chakra, Lena noticed beautiful white billowy clouds against a picture perfect blue sky. Moving on, she found herself immersed in some profound healing process within her solar plexus area, experiencing and exploring layers of damaged tissue. Somewhere during this entire process she became aware of Kuan Yin’s presence:

“Yes, she’s here with me, now. I’ve been away from her for a while so I didn’t know if she would be here. However, she’s like vroom, right in front of me and really present: really real. Kuan Yin's form is middle age, wrapped in white. She’s standing near me and holding a smoky quartz crystal. I don’t recall what smoky quartz stands for. All I know is she doesn’t doubt me.”

“Don’t doubt your intuition or take in other’s opinion of you. Don’t feel bad or analyze the situation too much. Just trust yourself,” informs Kuan Yin.

“Kuan Yin is standing up for me, protecting me,” Lena's voice drifts off.

“I just want you to get what you deserve. Even if it is just one little thing,” consoles Kuan Yin.

“I got off course for awhile. I followed what friends and others wanted me to do instead of listening to my inner guidance,” explains Lena. “Kuan Yin is just saying that valuing other’s opinions and interpretations can dilute the magic.”

“Let the magic happen. It is always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good,” proclaims Kuan Yin. “There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with karma. Just don’t forget to keep it open. Don’t get too bogged down. Don’t limit the brightness. Reach through the dark energy and grab it. You might see the smoke coming out of the chimney and you’ll even see the smoky sky. You need to reach through the smoke and bring the light to you. Remember the possibilities of something greater than is right here. Be willing to go to the lightness,” states Kuan Yin. “Don’t feed off what is not right in the world.”

“The diamond is what Kuan Yin wants to give to me. It is for personal reasons,” Lena says.

“Prosperity can happen at any time,” assures Kuan Yin. “I want to give you everything that you need. Focus on that symbol (the diamond) of prosperity. Taking that first step is what you need. Hope too, say and believe that more and more you can have all the possibilities. It is your mantra. I want you both to believe and be open to receiving. Maybe you can imagine a crystal in the place of a real diamond. Focus upon it and breathe in what it represents (it’s energy) to those areas of the body that need healing. Practice the meditation of seeing me holding and giving you this huge, chunky diamond. Remember (from our previous session) this diamond doesn’t just represent material wealth. Its myriad facets also represent consciousness, love and all other forms of abundance. Practice receiving it,” instructs Kuan Yin. “Here, it’s yours. Just take it.”

“OK Kuan Yin, I accept it,” replies Lena.

“Remember when accepting this gift, you’re equal to everyone else, you’re no different. At the same time you’re equal to everyone else, you need to know you’re also special, unique. Everyone has his or her own uniqueness while also being equal to the next person. Just please accept the diamond. I’ve been trying to give it to you for years. Of course, there were different circumstances, different needs. I always have tried to give you this.”

“I’m experiencing this really large, strong and grounded embodied image of Kuan Yin,” exclaims Lena, speaking intently from her trance.

“I wonder if during this short interlude, whether it would be ok to ask a question about counterparts, our mirror selves in our dreams,” I interject. (This seemed like an opportune time as Kuan Yin had just suggested a specific form of chakra work. Indeed, counterparts and chakras are closely related.)

“Yes, you’re entirely correct about the counterparts. Hypnosis is a really powerful tool for healing and understanding one’s counterparts. Your specialties, Hope, include hypnosis and understanding the chakras and counterparts of self. Another way of understanding counterparts (besides dream and chakra counterparts) are personas and emotions coming from the different organs of the body. For any person, a certain organ can be the source of nightmares. Each person, of course is unique. A person might mention they’ve experienced a nightmare. The nightmare may be trying to inform the person a certain organ needs particular nutrients, elements.“ As we’ve discussed the chakras also need particular nutrients, elements. Certain emotions also “live” in the chakras. Limiting emotions can block off certain areas of the body. An individual, then, can utilize this approach (hypnosis and dream analysis) as a possible preventive medicine—warding off illness in certain prone areas of the body. I wish someone would do sound tuning of the chakras. Sound comes first in the universe. We’re all made of sound.”

Kuan Yin then described a computerized device that could measure and adjust the sound vibration for each chakra. She also mentioned that my youngest son, who is an engineer, might want to explore creating such a device.

“It would be like having one’s hearing checked. Only one would be working with the energy centers, the chakras. Individuals could get more in touch with their own pulses and their relationship with sound. It would feel really good and could possibly be used for pain management. There will be (in the coming years) a proportionally larger group of the elderly in your society. People will live longer. However, they will have many misalignments in the chakras. Sound therapy could be very soothing as well as help an individual to adjust, to be ready to move on to the next life.”

During a later session, Lena's discussion with Kuan Yin once again turned to the importance of the chakras:

“Yes. I’m here in the bamboo garden. Kuan Yin is very illuminated. Her garment is so bright, so filled with light. She’s holding a musical instrument. I think it is a lute. Completely focused upon tuning this instrument—trying to get the sound just right, she does not speak,” murmurs Lena.

“Sit down, Lena, and see what I’m doing,” instructs Kuan Yin. “Once this instrument is correctly tuned and kept tuned, any amount of chaos won’t matter, won’t effect it.”

“Of course,” maintains Lena, “this is Kuan Yin’s metaphor for keeping the body, chakras well-tuned. She’s telling me this is a continuation of her message (in chapter twenty two) concerning the effects of sound and vibrations upon physicality. She is also saying that the power of sound (and pulse) is why music is so calming and comforting.”

“We’ve been meeting like this for some months now. I’ve taken you on these journeys and you know you can return (to normal waking existence) any time you wish.

“However, I want you to take the diamond, receive all that it stands for. Maybe you can hold a large crystal and imagine it as the diamond. When you place this imaginary diamond on your solar plexus, visualize its potency and value—the highest and safest feelings going into your stomach.”

“Kuan Yin is giving me a burgundy or red colored tulip with fringed petals. It is so beautiful,” exclaims Lena.

“I want you to bring that light into your body. Practice that,” instructs Kuan Yin.

“I’m suddenly seeing myself laying in a thick layer of an oil-like substance,” describes Lena. “It is similar to the oil that rises to the top layer of a boiling pot of soup. Above this thick and heavy atmosphere are astonishingly vivid colors of bright light.”

“Push it aside. It is like the Biblical “parting of the waters”,” Kuan Yin instructs.

“Only this is parting of dense consciousness. It’s the only way to keep you in balance during the difficult times. You know,” Kuan Yin concedes, “harder times might be coming. There may be a lot of chaos. People are going to have to (more than ever) rely upon spiritual practice. The only way to remain strong is to pray for others. Don’t get too depleted.”

“I’m seeing endless light, endless possibilities,” exclaims Lena. It is an infinite light that goes on forever. It’s amazing. It is so much more powerful than any darkness humans create. Kuan Yin is reminding me that she (telepathically) sent me an article on Chinese medicine when I was in the herb store. She wants us (and anyone who reads this manuscript) to stay alert to the things she sends or puts in the path for us. Now she is giving me and all of her readers some general advice:”

“Pay attention to information that is written down, heard or seen. The best thing you can do is to write it down when you comprehend those things (gifts) I’ve sent to you. One reason you might not take to heart or practice these techniques (that I’ve presented to you) so ardently is that you don’t believe that you are valuable. Another is that you don’t have enough faith. It’s all about faith,” emphasizes Kuan Yin.

“Kuan Yin is showing me what looks like a spiral tunnel (where my navel really is). Together, we’re going around and around, trying to relax the walls of the tunnel. Now we’re going even deeper into my stomach. Kuan Yin is in some deep layer, working on healing and relaxing the tissue. I see a tiny, tiny black pellet, like a tiny seed deep in the tunnel. What is it? What is it made of? Kuan Yin is placing her form way deep in the seed. This particular form of her is a beautiful, intricately carved and relaxed Kuan Yin.

“For some reason, right now, something about soldiers is coming up. I’m seeing medals of Honor with white and blue ribbons. I wanted to go to the vigil to honor the fallen soldiers,” weeps Lena, still deep in trance. (This week marked the third anniversary of 9/11 and several local events were being held to honor the fallen. Lena’s anguish concerning these tragic national events had clearly affected her at a profound depth.)

“I’m so sorry. I have feelings of awful sadness, powerlessness about the deaths of the soldiers and the people who were in the Twin Towers at the time of bombings.

“Kuan Yin is standing in front of them. She is saying the soldiers do not want to be remembered as a burden. They’re souls want to be appreciated without any accompanying judgment.

“I want to send them love. I feel so much sorrow,” Lena suddenly breaks down, crying while still in trance.

“All the soldiers’ desire is a simple acknowledgement that they died,” responds Kuan Yin. “It is the same for the souls who died in the Twin Towers. Their greatest sadness is the anger and hate that abounds,” Lena asserts. “They are all just standing there and saying; ‘Why isn’t everyone talking about the life we had that was very good?’"

“I see all of them together like a huge sweeping cloud. Now, I’m seeing beautiful blue colors, billowy clouds and hearing the souls say, ‘Look at us. Look at how powerful we were! Remember our images. We want to be remembered for all the good things. Everyone is focused upon revenge, anger. It’s the worst thing you can do for those who’ve passed over. Just remember us in our beauty and our love.’ I’m remembering a dream I had right after 9/11 about the explosion. It was so deep, so real. Coming from the explosion were all the glorious things that had been a part of these people’s lives: beauty, love, giving and creativity. Kuan Yin is watching all of this as if the entire drama were playing on a TV or movie screen. Neutral, constant, non-effected, she’s just there. However, her non-judgment doesn’t mean she’s heartless or doesn’t care.”

“Lena, the only way to really utilize your human experience is to practice some kind of meditation or visualization. It does work. People really need it. It’s the only way to get through the difficult times.”

“I’ve known about all this for a long time, about the benefits of meditation and visualization,” confesses Lena. “However, Kuan Yin is reminding me again. She’s saying how this kind of practice puts us in the “Kuan Yin spirit”.

“You’re the watcher. Instead of judging, you just see. Whether meditating upon her form or bringing light into the chakras, all these techniques will help us in our life.

“Kuan Yin is telling me (and you, Hope) that it is a really powerful thing to do a meditation which involves surrounding a person with light. It’s also powerful to explore hypnosis and chakra alignment techniques. Letting go (of former beliefs and impressions) and seeing what can be learned about yourself and others helps with compassion.

“Of course it's beneficial for the one who is meditating. Too, the individual (meditated upon) will feel the good intentions and that you want the highest good for him.”

(During the following passage a group of school age children were laughing and yelling, playing soccer just outside the window in the field right across the street.)

“Children are so open. They see things in a way our eyes have become dulled to. There hearts too are so open. Kuan Yin is explaining how to work with the chakras. She’s showing me how I can place my hand on my children’s hearts when they’re resting or sleeping and how this kind of “intended touch”, balancing the chakras, helps to make them strong.”

“The trauma of everyday living causes the chakras to get shoved around, disconnected. When resting, one can benefit from light touches to the heart, stomach and head, connecting the chakras to one another and also from the inside out. Life is so intense. It can scatter one’s energy. Healing works best (at least with children) to have the energy go from inside out rather than outside in as “conventional wisdom” dictates,” elucidates Kuan Yin.

“Kuan Yin thinks I did well raising my oldest daughter Lydia, that her chakras are quite connected. That is why she is so functional. Kuan Yin is mentioning how other adolescents are so torn, imbalanced, either “stuck” in their stomachs or lower chakras. I wonder if such imbalances are the cause of chronic eating and other eating disorders.”

“When there is so much pain in the heart it naturally migrates to the stomach,” responds Kuan Yin, compassionately. “The pain goes to the stomach because the navel, and all that it represents; maternal comfort and nurturing, is there. In fact, this pain is stored in the stomach until the issues causing the pain are finally resolved…Certain body types correlate with certain emotional issues,” responds Kuan Yin. “For instance, those who are over weight crave nurturing and motherly love. While all need nurturing, those who are obese may have a greater karmic need and, in some cases, may have lost their mother in a past life. Over-eating and binging and purging is an attempt by the individual to replace the nurturance of the umbilical cord. For some, it may be that they were not nursed long enough or at all. For others they were separated from their mothers too soon. The mother was not necessarily at fault. Instead, the circumstances surrounding the child’s upbringing did not meet the nurturing needs of that particular individual. In this world, the mothering element is not valued enough. Perhaps, if motherly love were more valued by your society, there would be less obesity…When individuals don’t place the mother as important for society, there will always be, as a result, a disproportionate amount of obesity and stomach problems. Here, I want to stress that the stomach, not the heart, is the center of our beings. Some might contend because love and emotions spring from the heart, it is the heart that directs (is at the center of) our lives. However, it is the stomach which defines our energy field and our identity—everything. Think of those societies, tribes, where a large stomach denotes wealth and power. It is no accident. You identify yourselves through your stomachs. However, because of how your culture holds motherhood in low esteem your culture is out of balance…The “stomach area of life” is extremely sensitive to trauma,” Kuan Yin asserts. “It is, in fact, where one “holds” despair.”

The Living Word of Kuan Yin

Article Source:

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