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 Post subject: Chinese Acupuncture: An Ancient Art For A Modern Age
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:48 am 
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Chinese Acupuncture: An Ancient Art For A Modern Age
by Peter Wellington

Chinese acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture is nothing new, it's been with us for centuries and its popularity continues to grow in the West. Today you will find a Chinese acupuncture clinic in almost every town, City or state and in the States.

Acupuncture and acupressure is considered to be a complementary medicine. Sometimes it is referred to as an alternative therapy and as such it should be used as together with thorough consultations with a qualified medical practitioner.

Men and women who have had many years of intense and thorough training in the art staff Chinese acupuncture clinics. These people are true experts who use Chinese acupuncture to assist the healing of many ailments and injuries.

Arthritis and other complaints related to the joints, bones and muscles are considered highly treatable with Chinese acupuncture. Many people attest to the fact that they have received considerable relief from their pain and suffering following their treatment. If you suffer from these types of complaints then you'd be well advised to seek out an acupuncturist and try it for yourself. Make sure that you see your regular doctor first however.

Chinese Acupuncture and Pain Relief

For a great deal of sufferers acupuncture has provided a degree of pain relief that hitherto they have not enjoyed from other forms of modern painkiller drugs. Taking into account that the side effects of many of these drugs can be as uncomfortable as the pain then Chinese acupuncture paints a rosy alternative.

Pain relief is not the only benefit from Chinese acupuncture. Many other complaints and ailments, common and not so common are highly treatable with the intervention of a killed practitioner. Nicotine addiction has a severe, life threatening, health-inhibiting grip on a good deal of people, both young and old. Often these folk will feel a sense of helplessness and at a loss in the face of this restricting force operating in their lives. Thankfully those who have sought the intervention of Chinese acupuncture have found that the once unconquerable cigarette is now a defeated foe.

Chinese Acupuncture and Stress Relief

The great pressure of modern-day lifestyles, stress, is a leach for many. It drains of energy and will power and leaves a person unable to cope, as the conflict of daily chores becomes unbearable stress continues to influence lives for the worse. Chinese acupuncture is shown to be a highly efficient sluice gate for unwanted stress. A skilled acupuncturist has the ability to insert acupuncture needles with a high degree of precision. There are meridian points around the body that will release body energies and bring about an almost instant relief from the inhibiting force of unwanted and harmful stress.

A Simple Technique to Try

Here's a little experiment to try the next time you are faced with a level of stress that you would rather do without: its based on Chinese acupuncture.

Take the thumb and forefinger of your left, or right hand, in a pinching form. With this pinch take hold of the fleshy part that is situated between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Now gently massage that are with the thumb and forefinger. After a minute or two your body will begin to release nature enzymes and chemicals that will help reduce the level of stress that you are experiencing. What you're doing is applying pressure on one of those ancient Chinese acupuncture points. Have a good day - and may God bless you.

About the Author: Peter Wellington writes for, a website providing a comprehensive archive of free information and guides on the ancient art of Chinese Acupuncture.

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