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 Post subject: Crystal Grids for Karmic Upliftment and Energetic Balance
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:32 am 
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Crystal Grids for Karmic Upliftment, Energetic Balance, and Dream Healing
by Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke

Karma is the Universal/Cosmic Law of Divine Justice. It holds one accountable for one’s actions, whether they are good or bad. Basically, one will receive what one sends out to the Universe. Our past lives can affect our current karma. Past lives are previous incarnations in which one’s soul lived in another time and/or place in another physical body. It may be necessary to heal past lives because it can help one to deal with negativity in this life that has been carried over from previous lives (and from the karma, which attached to the psychic body, resulting from the soul’s choices in these lives). By healing negativity in one’s past lives, one can move forward along the path of healing in one’s current life.

Using crystals during meditation to heal past lives can be done by holding them in the hands or against the 6th chakra (Third Eye/3rd Eye/ Brow Chakra). Crystals have the ability (when combined with a clear intent) to clear etheric blockages by opening and balancing one’s energy system. A crystal grid can also be utilized during meditation to release negativity from one’s past lives.

I have created several wonderful crystal healing layouts/gridding systems for energetic balance and past life healing.

The first crystal healing layout that I have developed is in the form of the Buddhist Wheel of the Dharma. This grid should be made entirely of double-terminated Tibetan Quartz. Although the Tibetan Quartz are most compatible for this exercise, it is not necessary that they be used (other stones may be substituted if you intuitively feel that they would be more helpful in the given situation). I have found that this crystal layout is best used for Karmic Release during a past life ascension healing session.

The grid should be laid out upon and around the person's body (with the center of the Wheel placed at the heart), or on a picture of the person (or group of people) to be healed. The grid can be as large or small as you like and there is no particular number of crystals that needs to be used.

The second grid that I have developed is based upon the Tibetan symbols for each of the chakras. I developed this grid for general chakra healing and energetic balance. In this crystal healing grid, the Tibetan chakra symbols are created out of crystals and placed on the appropriate chakra of the body.

The last grid that I have created is intended for dream healing. Crystals that are useful in dream healing include Herkimer Diamonds, Moonstones, Celestite, and Moldavite. These stones can be used under the pillow, or in grid formations within the dreamer’s bed or bedroom.

Herkimer Diamonds help one to fully tap into his or her astral body and to have control over it while in one’s dream consciousness. They facilitate the journey and are invaluable for this type of work.

Moonstones are beneficial for those attempting lucid dreaming, or a state in which our conscious awareness is present during astral travel. This state of dreaming can be beneficial because it allows one to direct a dream in order to receive guidance according to his or her desired agenda.

Celestite facilitates communication between one’s consciousness and higher spiritual beings. Using this stone for dream healing can help one in receiving insights and guidance from those in the astral plane.

Finally, Moldavite can assist one in dream journeying. This stone will take one where few others can. With this crystal, the ride may be fast and bumpy (always with good reason), so hold on tight! When using this stone for dream work, it is imperative to also utilize a grounding stone such as Hematite or Red Jasper so that it is not difficult for the dream consciousness to return to the body and resume being one’s waking conscious awareness.

If using these stones in grid formations, one should be creative. Stones can be placed in the corners of the room, in each of the four directions, one each to represent the twelve houses of the zodiac, in a circle around one’s bed, or in any other formation one so chooses. Following is a crystal array to facilitate the dream state and to help one to remember one’s dreams, as well as to facilitate intuitive interpretation of the dream symbols. The stones that should be utilized in this grid are one tumbled Red Jasper, one Moldavite crystal, four Celestite clusters, and two Herkimer Diamonds. The red Jasper should be placed under one’s pillow, beneath Third Eye Chakra. The Moldavite should be placed under one’s sheet, beneath Heart Chakra. The four Celestite clusters should be placed with one at each corner of bed. The Herkimer Diamonds should be positioned with one at the Crown Chakra (under one’s pillow) and one at the Solar Plexus Chakra (under one’s sheet).

Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke
Cell: (630) 254-4685; Home (608) 255-0029

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