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 Post subject: Kundalini, Energetic Meridians & Crystal Healing
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:52 pm 
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Kundalini & Energetic Meridians: A Crystal Healing Approach
by Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke

Meditation is a focusing or concentration of one’s mental energy until one has reached a perfect stillness of the mind. With practice, meditation will allow one to realize the true self. Meditation should always be done for the self. It is a wonderful tool to allow one to fully explore his or her inner consciousness. It is an opportunity to recapitulate one’s experiences and to learn and to grow from them (on a subconscious level). Meditation should be done with a full surrender to the stillness it creates.

Routine meditation (over time) has the ability to completely transform one’s outlook on life. Meditation, combined with the proper intention, can aid one in a complete spiritual evolution. Meditation will allow a person to become the pure, perfect, being of the universe that he or she was meant to become.

There are several steps one can take to promote a successful meditation. First, one should create a sacred space in which he or she is comfortable. One’s environment can greatly influence his or her success in meditation. “Sacred Space” may mean a different thing to each and every person. Typically, creating some sort of routine or ritual to perform prior to meditation can help to enhance it. The repetition of ritual will eventually send subtle cues to the brain that can help to prepare it for the meditative process. The brain and the subconscious will begin to learn from the experience that after one has gone through the motions of the ritual, there is an expected thing to follow. In this case, this thing is meditation-a clearing and stilling of the mind.

Correct posture can also significantly contribute to one’s meditative practice. One should sit in the posture that is most comfortable to oneself. When one is not comfortable, the discomfort can become distracting to the mind and can disrupt one’s focus. Some people prefer to sit on the floor with his or her legs crossed (Lotus position). However, this is not necessary. One can sit on the ground, in a chair, or however one feels most at ease in his or her body.

Next, one should begin focused breathing. One should focus on slow, even breathing and begin to relax. The circular breathing technique is very effective for focus and relaxation (this technique is discussed further in the following exercise). Once relaxation and focused breathing have been achieved, on can begin concentration. One should attempt to hold his or her attention on the present, transitory, moment. When the attention is held and stillness is achieved, one should retain it as long as possible until the end of the meditation session (at least 10 to 15 minutes). If one finds oneself becoming distracted while attempting to maintain the stillness, he or she should return his or her attention to the breath. One can always return to the focus on the breath to return the concentration to the meditative practice.

The true benefit of meditation is found in the stillness that it provides to one’s body, mind, and spirit. This stillness alters one’s conscious awareness and connects it with the divine. This altered state of consciousness benefits one’s higher spiritual self. In this state, guidance is often received (consciously or unconsciously). This is a gift from the divine to one’s higher self (one’s own divine nature).

Most importantly, one should release all expectations one has of the meditative process and outcome. One should be completely open to the experiences of the meditation, but not expect more than what is. One should be open to any guidance or messages that may come from the stillness. However, one should not be discouraged if this does not happen. Instead, he or she should search for the benefit in the tranquility of the meditation.

Crystals can be used in meditation to help one to more clearly concentrate and to focus his or her mind’s energy and to enhance the quality of the meditation. Crystals amplify one’s intentions and thoughts which raise his or her energy vibration, promoting conscious awareness. One’s thoughts become more pure through meditation with crystals; they become filled with love and light for the good of all beings. This clear, pure thinking helps one to remain in the moment and focus on the stillness at hand.

The continued, repeated practice of meditation will affect one not only spiritually, but on an energetic level as well. Meditation will eventually begin to have a noticeable, positive effect on one’s chakras, energetic meridians and kundalini, and one’s aura as a whole.

Meridians are energetic channels found in one’s etheric body. This system of channels is thought to transport one’s life force energy (chi/qi or prana) throughout the body. Since the meridians are all connected, energetic blockages are often easily detectable upon assessment of the physical body. If one is experiencing a physical illness or ailment in a particular area of the body, it is likely that he or she also has an associated energy blockage, or shortage of energy, in the corresponding energetic meridians.

Meditation may also have an effect on one’s kundalini. The kundalini is an Eastern notion often represented by a serpent-like form of energy, or shakti (another representation of one’s life force energy). It is thought that the kundalini is like a snake that remains coiled up at the base of one’s spine (in the root or base chakra) until its energy is released through practices such as meditation or tantric yoga. The serpent-like energy then travels up the spine, by way of the sushumna (a central energetic channel parallel to the spine), through each of the chakras toward the crown chakra where it manifests as divine wisdom and a state of perfect conscious awareness, or enlightenment. As the kundalini journeys toward the crown, the chakras (thought of as lotuses) are said to open, or to bloom, as the kundalini energy passes through them. This opening of these energetic centers manifests the progression of the development of one’s perfect conscious awareness.

However, the rising of the kundalini shakti should only occur in the most spiritually attuned individuals. If this energy is prematurely awakened, before one’s energetic channels and chakras are completely pure and realized, the rising of the kundalini shakti can have negative effects on an individual. If one has energetic blockages in his or her etheric body, then the kundalini energy becomes more or less stuck in the area of the blockage. This begins to create an energetic strain as the pressure of the kundalini shakti builds in this area, resulting in “kundalini psychosis.” Basically, the premature rising of the kundalini shakti causes negative, physical, emotional, and spiritual side effects in the unrealized person.

In a situation such as this, the excess energy of the Kundalini shakti can be returned to its normal state by using a large crystal which has been programmed for relieving this type of energetic shock. To create this program, one should hold the crystal up to the third eye chakra (brow chakra/6th chakra) or in the hands and then visualize the image of a sleeping serpent (representing resting Kundalini energy) and intend that this image be programmed into the crystal. One should also create and recite an affirmation regarding the dormant kundalini shakti and program this into the crystal as well. Then, the crystal should be used at the sacral chakra (2nd chakra) while repeating the affirmation and visualizing that the serpent-like energy return to the base chakra and coil up to rest. This healing exercise should be performed for approximately fifteen minutes per day for several days or until the adverse energetic effects have dissipated.

Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke
(630) 254-4685

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