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 Post subject: Candle Magick for Love
PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:05 pm 
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Candle Magick for Love
by Thomas Moore

All of us want a way to attract love into our lives. Many look to Magick and the occult to find ways that they can boost their energies in order to do it. But what is it that you do exactly? Using the art of Candle Magick you can safely and effectively attract love into your life by following some easy steps and spells to work on self love. First however it is important that we understand just what Magick and Candle Magick is. Magick itself is the art of manipulating energy in order to achieve a desired result. Everything in this world is made of energy and as Albert Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed simply changed.” Magick changes the energy from one form to another to achieve the casters desire. Magick is about belief, if you believe that it will work than it will, very similar to everything else in life and it the metaphysical world.

Candle Magick is a form of magick that uses the tool of candles. You have actually been doing Candle Magick since you were a toddler. Don’t believe me? We all have birthday’s right; we blow out the candles on the cake as we make a wish. We concentrate, blow them out and believe that it will come true. That is a form of Candle Magick! We are focusing here though on Candle Magick for Love. I am not talking about forcing someone to fall in love with you; you cannot force someone to do something that is against their free will. Besides, what happens if the person wasn’t right for you after all? Now you’re stuck with them because of a little spell for Love. Instead it is best to focus on self love and self worth. When we have that it is easier for us to attract a partner to share that love with.

The Candles themselves are important to the Magick that you are going to do. Types of candles as well as colors vary. Beeswax candles are becoming more and more popular of late because they are all natural. The only downside is that they can be expensive. Paraffin candles are your standard wax candles that you see most often, and though they are not totally natural they are most often used, come in great colors, and won’t burn a hole in your wallet! The color is just as important. Every color has a different meaning to it. So let’s talk about the colors that would be used for Love.

RED: Red is the color of sexuality as well as the color for the Root Chakra at the base of the spine. This color tends to have a lot of energy to it when it comes to sexual matters. Burning a red candle can help aid in self manifestation of sexual desire by a partner as well as being more comfortable with ones own sexuality. Many people are uncomfortable with who they are sexually and tend to disguise it by acting in a way that they think is “proper sexual manner”. Being comfortable in your own skin is an important role in attracting a partner. The color is also good for couples that are having sexual problems in a relationship as well.

PINK: Pink is the color of Universal Love as well as the Heart Center Chakra. Don’t get Universal Love confused with Unconditional Love, they are actually separate things. Universal love talks about both giving and receiving love fully and without doubts or fears or prejudice. Burning a pink candle is going to help you be able to give and receive love in all aspects of life not simply in a romantic way. In order to gain a relationship with a person that you have attracted you must be willing to accept their love as they give it and at the same time feed your love back into them creating a full circle of Universal and Unconditional Love.

BURGUNDY: This is the color of romance. It is important to give the love an outlet that it can express itself without hesitation. The words “I Love You” have simply lost their meaning in this day and age and does not always instill the feeling of love in people. Romance has become the outlet in which love can flow creatively and instill the feeling of love in the relationship. Remember that old adage ‘Actions speak louder than words’? The color is also great for couples that may be having difficulties romantically.

There are other things that you can use in addition to the candles to help boost the energy of attracting love into your life. Keep in mind as well that Magick is not a guarantee. There is never a way to tell for sure that it is going to work for you, especially if you don’t have a belief in it. It may take some time as well don’t expect immediate results there is a lot of energy that has to get together to work for you and sometimes that can take time. So let’s go over some of the other things that you can use in order to attract love to you. Flowers, Stones, Scents, and Symbols are some of the most commonly used.

Flowers have a lot to do with love itself as well all know from Valentines Day. They can be used in addition to any love Magick that you do. Be sure to keep them well so that your relationship will blossom and grow as well.

ROSES: Most commonly associated with love. It is love and romance. If you are looking for a highly active sexual relationship that also has a romantic side this is the best flower to use. Especially if it is red or burgundy in color.

DAISY: Many people don’t think of this flower in a loving sense. Daisy help produce a lasting friendship in a relationship. It may not be very sexually active but it helps with communication in a strong way as well.

ORCHID: This flower helps to find a love that is pure and unwavering. It produces the energy that the love will stay forever true no matter what. This is what we call the Fairy Tale flower as well, helping one find their Prince or Princess.

ROSEMARY: Similar to roses this herb can also help with relationships that are faithful.

CINNAMON: Want a lover that is sweet? Add some cinnamon to your spell!

Scents can also play a large role in attracting love. A particular scent can stir up memories of the past or lock present ones in place for the future. Some great scents to use for attracting love are:

Ginger, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Lilac, Apple, Freesia, Iris, Tuberose, and Gardenia.

Stones can also be used; one of the best to use is going to be Rose Quartz. It promotes love on a universal level as well as healing! Symbols are used as well. You can carve them into the candle or even just on paper. A heart single or double, a plus or positive sign, double rings (especially if you are looking for marriage) are great to use. You can even make a list of the things that you want to attract in the perfect lover!

Finally comes the part of actually casting the spell. You will want a quiet place that you won’t be easily disturbed. It is always best when doing Candle Magick to let the candle burn all the way down until it goes out. Spells need not be ritualistic or complicated. Here are some great phrases you can use in order to help aid your attraction of love:

“ Perfect love come to me, as I will so mote it be!”
“By the power of Earth and Fire, I call the lover of my desires!”
“Through the Air, across the Sea, bring my lover Blessed Be!”
Aphrodite, Blessed Be bring my lover close to me!”

By using these techniques you can attract love to you in a safe and effective way by using Candle Magick and the power of intention. It’s fun and easy to do and best of all allows you a closer connection to the Universe around you. So go out have some fun and try some Candle Magick!

Rev. Thomas Moore is High Priest of The Coven of L.I.G.H.T in South West Florida, as well as a professional Psychic and Healer. He is teaches Wicca classes as well as performs tasks as Store Manager for Starchild Books in Port Charlotte Florida.

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