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PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:41 pm 
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Sensing Energy of Place
by Carolyn Donnelly

Ancient cultures believed that our home was a spiritual place and developed rituals for attracting positive deities, dispelling evil spirits and maintaining the harmony of the home. The trend towards rekindling ancient traditions and beliefs has increased awareness in our modern society as to the importance of sacred space and the importance of the spiritual atmosphere of our homes and places where we spend a lot of time.

In our busy, technologically modern world it is easy to forget that we are animals and spiritual beings who are influenced by the energy around us. Our ability to perceive the mood of the atmosphere around us occurs at a subconscious level and is probably connected to our innate survival instincts that protect our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Most people can remember a time when they have entered a building or an area and sensed an uncomfortable or unwelcome feeling. We may say that the place gives us ‘the creeps’. This is because we have picked up the energy left behind and lingering in the atmosphere, dust, walls and other aspects of that building or place. There may have been much unhappiness, illness or even violence occur in the history of that place or it could be that an argument or violent incident has only recently taken place. Can you remember entering a room after two people have been arguing or after some other negative social situation? The term ‘you could cut the atmosphere with a knife’ refers to an atmosphere heavy with negative and hostile energy. In this situation the energy has been left behind by the people - their words, actions, thoughts and intent.

In other situations, we may enter an area that has a vibrant and happy atmosphere which lifts our spirits. Many people who have been house hunting for a home to buy or rent will relate to sensing a different energy at each house they visited. Besides the physical features of the house, the energy present will often be a big determinant on whether we decide a particular house could become our home or not. Some houses have that special homely feeling. Others may fit our physical requirements but we feel there is something just not right.

The energy of a place builds up over time and contains the history of events and feelings that have gone before. This could occur over months, years or thousands of years. The Aboriginal people of Australia attach legends and beliefs to certain physical places. Some places are ‘no go’ areas as certain spirits reside there that are dangerous and terrible things can occur to people who venture into that place. Other places are only for men or only for women and the opposite gender must not go there. Some places are visited by both genders and are special meeting places. It is possible to feel this energy as you travel to certain places in Australia. In many places the feeling is very powerful.

One such place is a site called ‘the Cathedral’ at one of Australia’s National Parks, Carnarvon Gorge. My friends and I climbed a ladder up to a rock ledge and then walked through a small and narrow rock canyon. On emerging from the other side of the passageway we came across a large opening protected by huge rock faces all around which formed a circular cathedral-like area. On entering the Cathedral I felt an intense sense of reverence like I was entering a sacred zone where it would be rude to even utter a sound. There was a peacefulness in the atmosphere that made me want to sit down and absorb the silence. I noticed that my two friends, who had been engrossed in conversation, stopped talking just after entering the Cathedral and they were also walking carefully and looking around as if in awe. The feeling was intense. I was told later by the Park Ranger that there is no available information about the significance that particular place had to the Aboriginal people. The information may not have been available in a written or verbal form but it certainly was there, in the atmosphere, the soil, the walls. The energy indicated great significance, and was probably like many such sites in Australia, due to thousands or tens of thousands of years of special meetings in this particular place.

Some may relate to sensing this feeling of reverence in churches or other buildings of sacred ceremony. A similar situation occurs on a much smaller scale when we put aside a place in our home for meditation, ritual, relaxation or other peaceful activity. We can create areas of good feeling, harmony and peace in our home by continually using a particular room or area in the same way. Relaxation and peace then comes more readily to us when we are in an area that has been set aside for such activities as meditation, reading a novel or sleeping. Many people go so far as having specific rules about what activities take place in different rooms of their house such as ‘no work related reading in the bedroom’. This is because a different level of concentration and a different energy is required for technical or work related reading and this is not necessarily conducive to the tranquil energy that most of us desire for the room in which we sleep.

There are many other ways we can influence the energy in our own home including light, sound, colour, scent, plants, flowers and crystals to name just a few. These will be discussed in a separate article. Though, a very powerful way we can keep the atmosphere in each room of our home is by continually practicing the behaviour or activity that will be conducive to the purpose of the room and adding the emotion that we want to linger. Of course, there are some general feelings and energy we may want to persist in every room and area of our living space. A house filled with laughter, fun, love and happiness will radiate that back to the occupants and to everyone who visits.

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