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 Post subject: Lady Sarah and the Practice of the Threefold Flame
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:47 pm 
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Lady Sarah and the Practice of the Threefold Flame
by Rachel Goodwin

Welcome all.

Welcome, I am the ascended lady master Sarah, as I am known; although little is known about me. I represent the co-joined energies of dark and light, male and female, the androgynous, the whole of the complete. I also represent an ancient power, because although I am ascended, my purpose in my last life here on earth, was to embody that ancient power, just as the master Jesus embodied the power of the Christ consciousness, and the Magdalene embodied the Magdalene flame.

I am the ascended lady master Sarah. She who was borne to the Master Jesus and The Magdalena, Mary Magdalene.

There are many who have not heard of me, who do not know me, and would not rationally believe in my existence if they did. These things do not matter. As a concept, I am truth; fusion of polarities that existed only outside the realms of matter until now.

And so, I have come to tell you of my news! That I am returned here once again, not in physical form, but through conduits, sources of energy, through the hearts of mankind, my light, my power is being given birth to on earth. This birth is happening as we speak, as you read these words, my love, my light, the power that I represent is manifesting onto the physical planes.

These are mysteries which are the Divine’s gift to you, mankind has paid heed to the call; lightworkers across the planet have worked and toiled, struggled and persevered, lifted their hearts and minds in love and joy, and the vibrational energy of the collective consciousness of humanity, and of the earth has risen enough that my arrival has been achieved.

But first, let me explain to you some of what this means.

My energy represents the fusion of and perfect balance between the Christ energy (male) and the Magdalene flame (female). I am these two energies combined to create a third and perfectly balanced, harmonious energy.

This energy has not been present on the earth plane before this moment. In my lifetime, I held the energy, which was borne, as I was from the sacred union between my parents. I was the receptacle for this perfect power, but was simply a vessel to hold the power, as it was not the time for this energy to be birthed upon the world.

Since that time, I have held the imprint of the energy within my soul’s pattern, so that one day, when the conditions had been sufficiently met, and all was in place, mankind and all of physical manifestation could be impregnated with this awesome power, through me, the conduit for this power.

This is my work then, to birth this power across the earth, as the Master Jesus held the Christ flame and my mother, Mary Magdalene birthed the Magdalene flame, so I hold this power, which I have called the threefold flame and I bring it to you, to all of physical manifestation.

The timing of this birthing has been designed to coincide with the coming of the Age of Aquarius, and is indeed the energy which will bring about the Age of Aquarius. This power which is being gifted to you is no small thing! Being gifted to you indeed it is, because now it is present upon the earth plane, it is present upon the earth grid, and so is freely available to all with intent to use it.

Open your hearts and breathe me in, I am there, already, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened. You can see my energy as the bright green of nature, the colour of spring, new leaves growing on the branches, abundant growth.

Indeed I am abundance in all its forms. Life itself flows through me. The power of divine abundance, is being brought now closer to matter. Not so much being high in the heavenly realms, where one can only pray and hope for abundance, but is being brought now, and seeded into the earth grid, into vortexes, and this work is being done by a number of individuals and groups around the world.

It is time to awaken, time to remember; you are not the consciousness of your body and your mind, they are the physical manifestation of you, each of you is the Divine, birthed into manifestation, given individual consciousness.

I have come to help you remember what you already know, to empower you to be the perfect and divine beings that you are.

The master Jesus, performed many miracles.

I am here to light up your hearts so you can perform those miracles yourself.

Remember who you are!

You are the Divine made manifest, the divine clothed in the wonders of matter.

I hold the power of life, I hold the power of life and all creation, and so do you. I have simply come to remind you of that which you already know, but have simply forgotten.

I hold the power of all life and all creation, and so do you!

The whole world, the whole universe has been waiting for this moment, and now it is here. I have come, I have come, I am here, I am here. All is well, all is well, all is well.

My power, my light, my love, will grow exponentially upon the earth in the years to come. If you like, you could liken me to the energy of Spring, for I have come to usher in a new era. A new beginning not just for humankind but all of existence. I am new beginnings, new hopes; my power will at seem at first to grow slowly but this is because in reality, enormous surges of power will be required to overcome the inertia of the old, of what has been, and help it to flow in a new way, to seek out new pathways.

You can, if you wish, help my flow to gather pace by calling on me, bringing my energy into you, breathing it into you and sending it out to the world, wherever you feel it has need. Or simply calling on me, and grounding me into the earth. And of course you can call on me to manifest in your own life. You can also use the ‘threefold flame’ chants which have been devised for you to connect more strongly within to the Christ, Magdalene and Sarah energies.

In wishing to empower you to be the perfect and divine beings that you are, my energy will help you grow ever towards your highest potential, your greatest possible brilliance at any given moment, your greatest capacity for love; in all things, from the smallest to the greatest act, thought or feeling.

There is much that I have come to teach you, much that I have to give, but for now, let it be enough for me to tell you that I am here, I have come.

Let your hearts sing and be proud at what you have achieved through the power of your own free will. I am here because of you! You are bringing about the age of Aquarius through your intent and free will. Jubilations to All!!

May love and blessings shower down upon the New Earth, created anew in each moment.

Blessed ones, I bring you the news, I am here, I am here, I am here.

Jubilations to all, I resound my joy in circles of power across the earth.

All is well, all is well, all is well.

Bright Blessings!
Lady Sarah.

The threefold flame

(Om Yea-soo Kris-teye-yah Pah-rahm-aht-mah-neh Poo-roo-shah Ah-vah-tahr-eye-yah
This mantra states that Jesus is a true world teacher, a presiding soul of all the souls, carrying the authority of the Divine. (from ‘Healing Mantras’, Thomas Ashley-Farrand)

(Om Mah-tah, Om Mah-Tah Magdalena, Mah-tah Jah-gah-dahm-bah)
Om mother, Om mother, salutations to the Magdalene, who is a mother to the world.

(Om Shree Sah-ra-yei Na-rah-yan-nee Na-moh-stoo-the)
Om and salutations to Sara, the three fold flame, bestow upon us the highest blessings. (the last mantra was inspirationally created by me, so I can’t account for it’s Sanskrit accuracy!!)

*if you find it helpful, you could imagine a triangle forming as you perform the mantras, with the Christ energy behind you and to your left, the Magdalene energy behind you and to your right, and Lady Sarah’s energy at the apex of the triangle, with you standing on the apex or slightly behind it, as you feel comfortable.


This exercise is used to create a fusion of the male and female qualities within us, and call forth the Sarah energy within us.

When practicing this, I see the Christ energy as yellow, the Magdalene energy as pink, and Lady Sarah’s energy as a bright green.

The chant to the Magdalene, is calling on her in her aspect of being Sarah’s mother, and also as a mother to the world, as she is working to birth the Magdalene flame into humanity.

Lady Sarah’s energy is at the same time, her own individual energy, (which I see as green), and also the energy she has received from her parents, the Christ and the Magdalene. These three energies exist simultaneously as individual layers of light, (yellow, green and pink) but are also one. This is Sarah’s energy as the threefold flame.

Sarah is the catalyst that alchemizes the energies and brings them into manifestation onto the earth plane. She ‘makes it so’!

When invoking Lady Sarah’s energy, you can imagine an intensely focused laser beam of light blazing fearlessly forward from the apex of the triangle. This beam is forging straight forward and lighting the path ahead, taking you into your highest potential. In this aspect Lady Sarah’s energy is symbolizing the new age of Aquarius, supported from behind by all those who have gone before, and taking us (humanity) to our new levels of vibration, to our ascension and evolution.

© Rachel Goodwin 2007

Rachel Goodwin is a channel & energy healer working with the ascended masters, angelic & elemental kingdoms, & is a qualified hypnotherapist & nurse. To receive Rachel's monthly newsletter with more channellings and tips for ascension practices, you can email 'subscribe' to you can also see further info by looking at the pages on .

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