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 Post subject: Kuan Yin on Global Warming: Healing Our Beliefs, The Earth
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:09 pm 
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Kuan Yin on Global Warming: Healing Our Beliefs, The Earth
by kuanyinspirit

“It’s not just these certain oil families who carry this energy. Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful as to be responsible for creating [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over. There is now so much global investment in these beliefs that oil is life. The energy has been built up to such an extent as to attract disembodied energies. Someone who is actually quite weak can appear strong when “backed” by these energies. Indeed, behind these families is a powerful mass of souls who believe strongly that oil is life. They also have the mindset that it is the only thing keeping them in existence. In other words, if the belief goes, so do they. So, this inaccurate belief system, this “untruth” has magnified itself. And as in all inaccurate belief systems, nature will oppose it because it is too dense,” decrees Kuan Yin.

“Conversely, Nirvana is very light, very ethereal.”

“Kuan Yin is showing me the energy the oil dynasty represents,” relates Lena, still in trance. “It is very hard in texture. Kuan Yin is lifting it up like a mountain. It’s like a giant disk of great density. She’s balancing it on her staff, while she continues to ride upon the dragon across the ocean. Nevertheless, she still maintains a sense of humor. I ask her how will she dissolve this hard mass representing the belief systems. She tells me the energy of “good” will reach these families like a prayer. Kuan Yin is also telling me the disk cannot just be destroyed. If that strategy is ever attempted, many will perish. Kuan Yin says everything being spoken and written about the Iraq war and American adventurism is shedding light on this limiting belief system, slowly dissolving the disk."

“Many people are unaware they buy into this belief system,” notes Kuan Yin.

“Nevertheless, they go on believing the only way they’ll survive is to have money. The oil families represent one’s relationship with prosperity and survival. Humanity has created itself around the “survival of the fittest” belief and the fearful belief that there are not enough resources. Unfortunately, many individuals really believe there are not enough resources for everyone. Some out of body souls are not aware they don’t really need the oil to breathe, that they are fabricating situations they believe they need to “survive”. Everyone has made an agreement, then, that there isn’t enough. Wars and every other dilemma focusing on hate, fear and murder is based on “not enough” and the illusion of survival. It took a long time for your planet to evolve into this crisis. Everyone is witnessing the greed and bad behavior... It is a very potent time. People are learning. And what people learn also sets them (the oil dynasties) free. They will no longer be trapped in their own belief system. People will begin to get sparks of light. There will increasingly be more and more sparks which will erode the darkness of confusion," Kuan Yin concludes.

The other night, I watched sadly as the narrator of that particular show explained the impending plight of yet another one of earth's precious species. I'd known about the endangered polar bears-how they must have sufficient amount of ice in order to hunt their prey. Most are presently aware that ice at both Polar Caps is melting at an alarming rate. Now it involves the elephants! Watering holes so crucial to an elephant's survival are now threatened by persistent drought. Elephants must have continual access to bodies of water in order to drink and also bathe. Without watering holes, pachyderms will not only fail to obtain sufficient daily hydration, their skin will crack and they will eventually die.

Every day one hears on the nightly news or reads in the newspapers references to global warming. In fact the term “global warming” has become a mantra, code for recent and future eco catastrophes ranging from weather anomalies to health concerns to species extinction. Discovering ways for all humans to have sufficient living standards and live in harmony with each other is, in fact, integral to solving environmental imbalances and sustainability. Yet, for generations there has been a deplorable disregard for environmental sustainability. Pressed against the glass, facing its own demise, humanity must no longer view humanitarian and environmental goals as incompatible and/or somehow in competition with one another. The allocation and directing of precious resources and technologies towards peaceful coexistence as well as restoration of environmental balance must not only be viewed as realistic, but imperative!

How does our present "collective agreement" relate to the Iraq War and Global Warming? To sufficiently answer this question, it is important to acknowledge the philosophical scaffolding leading to our present state of affairs. Any building contractor knows you do not just slap a few pieces of wood together to build a sound structure. Structural codes based on complex engineering principles and formulas can now determine whether a building will withstand, for instance, an earthquake magnitude of 7.0. Indeed, building codes have altered drastically in places such as California in lieu of recent devastating earthquakes.

Similarly, human values and morals comprise the structure of society. From such values and morality, laws governing everything from personal to corporate to governmental behavior are crafted. Until the precarious present laws have often been inspired by core belief systems notorious for denigrating both nature and women. It would appear humans have the capability to redress outdated and sometimes inappropriate laws to better address contemporary threats. The question is, however, does humanity have the foresight and willpower to alter its beliefs, and thus laws, for its own survival?

There are those who suggest our environmental dilemma is really a spiritual dilemma–that there must occur a significant restructuring of spiritual priorities and values to remedy the imminent threat of global warming and all it implies. At the root of our environmental conundrum, according to Kuan Yin, is the great cultural “divide”. The “better than” and "not enough" beliefs have the power to undermine relationships between men and women as well as any existing spiritual relationship mankind might still have with nature.

Therefore it is imperative we understand the spiritual dynamics currently ruling our present-day paradigm. Addressing karma and free will Goddess Kuan Yin states: “There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen, karma and free will. The question is, 'how are you going to handle what you have?'” Focused upon the power of loving-kindness and the importance of intention and personal beliefs, Kuan Yin speaks with immediacy and ardor. This transcription of her channeled words is unique as it represents a direct and authentic communication with this ancient Goddess. Speaking through Lena Lees at this crucial historical moment, Kuan Yin offers her wondrous insight and wisdom on crucial topics including the creation of personal reality, immortality and reincarnation and world affairs.

You may already be familiar with Goddess Kuan Yin. Considered the premiere female deity in the Chinese Pantheon, this Goddess has traditionally been (in Chinese culture) the protector of mothers and children. She has also been patroness and protector of fishermen. Not surprisingly, therefore, Kuan Yin speaks extensively on the power of motherly love, compassion and loving-kindness.

Beyond Her wise and prophetic words, however, are her parables–vignettes demonstrating Her profound teachings concerning one's creation of personal reality and immortality. Ever the changeling, Kuan Yin could, at any juncture, transform Her guise. The embodiment of Her empathetic and powerful message, Her forms show the divine dynamic that is the God/Goddess Force. Transmuting with ecstatic abandon, the Goddess demonstrates how we are all a part of this vital dynamic. Appearing to Ms. Lees as thousand-arms Kuan Yin, She commands: “Look at this arm! You've seen it in the book and now I'm showing it to you. So to attract and assist many people, I manifest in many ways. If it means being a man, it's fine with me!”

Morphing into “bigger than life”, godlike forms, Kuan Yin demonstrates our full god-potential. Insisting evil does not exist and that nothing can overcome the God Force, Kuan Yin emphasizes there is no reason to fear. Teaching that no one is better than the next, She stresses the importance of accepting differences and the development of community. Explaining it is necessary to return to this earth odyssey, experiencing even the darkness (ignorance) to finally enter Nirvana (which is Oneness), Kuan Yin insists that it is the earth experience which represents the most important step in our entire evolution: “Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity…the incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from one's trials and tribulations.”

Further, Kuan Yin advises that what is needed on earth is “compassion for the untruth”. Touching “untruth's” shoulder with the utmost compassion, She demonstrates her infinite capacity for love and forgiveness. Stemming the tide of war and destruction can only occur, she maintains, through “sprinkling elements of truth and healing”. This process requires one be centered upon and understand the issues of his or her life from a place of detachment. To examine one's life from this perspective allows the Higher Self to participate in daily choices and problem solving. While ego is responsible for maintaining the self in day-to-day reality, much of the pressure of decision-making can be mitigated when allowing one's relationship with the higher self to unfold. Divinity is not, then, some distant or unattainable ideal. Rather is intimately associated with all that is considered part of a “realistic life”. To spiritually assess one's personal dramas from a place of detachment, to regard them as integral to spiritual growth is an enlightened choice. This personal choice, in itself, has the power to transform the course of one's life path.

Manifesting during Lena's trance, Kuan Yin did not arrive with a list of instructions. Nor was there a user's manual so to interpret Her many and varied transformations. Insisting that Her kaleidoscopic shape shifting harbors the mysteries of the universe, Kuan Yin instead explains that it rests upon us to unravel the meanings of her vast array of amazing and mysterious forms. While instantaneous metamorphosis is, indeed, a very impressive skill, the full extent of Kuan Yin's upaya-kaushalya (expedient means) is truly stupendous. The fantastical and sometimes whimsical props and spiritual tools she brings with her (to each discourse) are to illustrate Her spiritual teachings.

One must wonder if Kuan Yin is limited in any way-whether Her ability for metamorphism is, indeed, infinite. It is sometimes claimed that humanity cannot truly know God. Yet, this Goddess' amazing shape shifts demonstrate the infinite love and compassion of the universe. Teaching that there is no birth or death, Kuan Yin maintains that they are but illusions of ego-based consciousness. Her imaginative transformations also allude to the multidimensionality of the Self. Commenting upon this manuscript, readers have marveled at how it “gives a great insight into just how little we know about the true workings of God and the universe, but at the same time helps you to understand your unique divinity.”

Guided, by Kuan Yin, through spectacular astral vistas, Lena's trances were gateways to illumination with visionary sojourns spanning the earth plane and beyond. Embellishing each amazing journey is Kuan Yin's ability to transform into any shape she so desires. Her transformations utilize two primary modes: metaphor and archetype. While entertaining, her metamorphoses are intended to be much more. As She has expressed, her shape shifting allows Her to take whatever forms necessary to convey Her spiritual teachings. Central to Her scriptures is that while it is important to have a path to follow, one needs to release all expectations concerning the outcome lest they create a “negative driving force”–rather than being in the moment, there is a push to be where one is not.

There is nothing wrong with attaining great position or wealth in life. However, Kuan Yin wants us to know that the greatest wealth is the bond between family members, community and nature. Applying to every aspect of personal reality, the Kuan Yin codicils provide a foundation and bulwark: a pathway to peace and harmony. The following is an overview of Kuan Yin's spiritual teachings wherein She explains in metaphysical terms what some physicists already suspect–that time does not exist: “You're at page ten but I understand the entire evolution,” remarks Kuan Yin. “In reality, it's already over. It's a dream. Remember? You're living a dream. It's very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. No one really gets hurt.”

The hypothesis of multiple universes is now a universally accepted scientific probability. What does the Goddess' sweeping statement reveal in terms of our supposed in-time existence? How does one reconcile such a precept with traditional definitions of reincarnation-doctrine stating one is reborn into a succession of lifetimes? Stating that we all are a part of god simultaneously “playing out adventures from his or her beliefs,” Kuan Yin insists personal reality is a result of one's mindset: a powerful gestalt of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intentions and that the present is our “escape hatch”-our way out of limiting realities.

Further, each individual is endowed with free will-the power to envision the possibilities, creating one's most expansive reality. Kuan Yin insists that here on earth there exists a collective agreement concerning certain beliefs and perceptions. Like attracts like: beliefs create intention and realities are then attracted to that intention. Therefore it is crucial we examine humanity's core beliefs towards itself, nature. In comprehending this reality we're mired in, it's important to remember the Kuan Yin spiritual teaching that earth is “the most important step in our evolution”–that it is here we learn humility and how to “spiritualize matter” (direct the creative force).

Also, according to Kuan Yin, the terms “good” and “evil” are but one set of dualisms inherent in our language: “You think that just because there is an absence of good, for instance, that evil exists. This is not so.”

Adding to the above statement that we are eternal beings; that only the body dies, Kuan Yin emphasizes there is no reason to fear. In another discussion, Kuan Yin relays how praying for others (and the earth) is “the most powerful thing a person can do”.

Emphasizing there are no victims-only “made-up stories” about oneself, the Goddess wishes for us to refrain from “taking things too personally”. Kuan Yin teaches we are all divine beings having come to earth to gain potency, learn compassion and direct the creative force. However, three misguided beliefs: the “not enough”, “better than” and “survival of the fittest” cause great suffering on earth. Militarism as well as environmental destruction cannot, according to this deity, occur without a belief in separation and the “better than” belief: “The truth is one must be fully human for the divine part of self to be more in tune. Rejecting the human body assures one will have to come back, return to the lessons here on earth. It means ‘you didn't get it',” counsels Kuan Yin:

“The indigenous tribes are the most powerful as many of them are so in harmony with nature as to be really, really divinely human. They're so in touch with their humanity that they're totally in tune with their Diva nature. They know that human/animal harmony is the crux of spirituality. Of course there is always the criticism: that “better than” mindset. Humans say they're better than each other. And they say they're better than nature. But they're not. It's ludicrous to compare the intelligence of other living creatures to human intelligence. Plants have enormous intelligences and spirituality. However, the “better than” mindset greatly contributes to the ongoing environmental destruction.”

True divinity, stated by this Goddess, is being in tune with nature and knowing there is no past or future. The lesson on earth is also acceptance of differences.

The Living Word of Kuan Yin

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