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The Negative Energy Attacks
by Marc Peterson

Over the past few years, I have become aware of my own ‘energetic perceptions’ of all things noun. Yes, I seriously believe that persons, places and even things have perceivable energy forms.

While I was a Deputy Sheriff working with our Search & Rescue group, I used my ‘Energetic Perception’ to locate lost children and elderly walk-a-ways pretty much consistently during my 16 year career. Using my EP (as I’ll call it) was pretty cool and when in the proper EP mindset I would hear mind say “turn right, now left, stop, look around and look behind.”

The beginning of each search is pretty chaotic and unorganized; the family is king to you to be their savior and hero. At the same time, some of the family is freaking out and are upset wondering why you are still here talking to them when you should be out looking for their loved one.

To make my personal EP work, I found it necessary to excuse myself from the family to shield myself from all the wild energies surrounding the event. People that are highly susceptible to weird or chaotic energy know exactly what I’m talking about here.

One thing the family doesn’t want to see is their searcher take off and head towards a tree and begin to talk to himself, let alone pray. This is what I had to do if I expected use my EP effectively.

Each time I took a moment to go off by myself to meditate and center, I would feel a rush of energy and I knew before I even started searching, that we’d find the lost child or adult pretty quick. I began to trust my EP allot during these years as a rookie cop. My EP helped me know which way to drive or hike to find the victim.

This little tool came with one obvious rule. I was only able to use my EP to find living people or animals, unfortunately or maybe luckily, it never showed me the way to a victim who had already died. I became known as the ‘seeker’ to some of my close friends, including my Sergeant and Lieutenant in our department. They didn’t believe in such things, but here I was, always the ‘lucky’ guy who found the lost kids first.

Unfortunately, as a Police Officer, I began to recognize all different sorts of energy around others, being able to recognize these subtle energies helped me know who was truthful or who was lying. I was also unfortunate to work in the Jail’s Maximum Security area for a few years and it was there I met and experienced some extremely negative energy individuals, including murderers and rapists. On the other hand, I got to witness and feel the joy in seeing average citizen do heroic, if not miraculous feats on almost a daily basis. Even in the darkest corner of the Jail, talking to a serial murderer, I occasionally saw sparks of light and greatness poke through the darkness. I learned at an early age, things are not all as they seem that nobody is truly evil or bad.

Years after my Police experiences, while working as musician and audio engineer and while producing my V.A.S.T. (Vibrational Audio Sound Therapy) CD system for Pride Audio Labs, I had the privilege of meeting and working with many people (both adults and teens) who see themselves as different or odd, simply because they don’t enjoy music, sounds or even TV.

I found this quite odd and as more people begin to be interested in my sound therapy research, many of them began to trust me with their personal stories. Since I’m only a researcher, I can’t refer to these people as patients, but for this article, we’ll call them research friends.

After hearing a dozen similar stories from all over the country, I’ve come to a realization that they all suffer from a common disorder that affects them both physically and mentally when they attempt to listen to most music, TV or movies. Many separate stories by many different sources tell me that this is an actual disorder, yet I can’t seem to find anything in the medical journals that fits the scope of the problem. There also is no one definitive symptom that causes the condition, yet it is becoming increasingly evident that it exists.

This disorder affects people at all age levels and at different times during their lives, so it is apparently difficult for any physician to properly diagnose it. The symptoms are as wild as the many variables that seem to cause it.

Since there is no catch all disorder name for what these people experience, my researcher friends and I came up with the title of ‘Auditory Energy Disharmony’ or AED for short.

In my experience into audio and radio frequency technology, it seems that I find that most people who suffer from some form of AED are those that are often hyper-sensitive to sounds and energy waveforms. This includes, but is not limited to certain frequencies of music, sounds, electrical, radio frequency and energy caused by electrical appliances and power grids.

Most AED sufferers tell me that they believe their sound and energy hypersensitivity became apparent to them while they were in their early teen years. Of the dozen of so cases I have studied thus far, over have state that they became AED right after they experienced an accident or traumatic event or injury; still others go on to tell me they believe it is because of they were forced by parents to use anti depressant medications during their childhood and teen years.

Some even believe, or have been told by Doctors, that they suffer from some sort of undiagnosed mental disorder. One other common factor for those with AED or EP is the fact that many (over half of my research friends) reported accidents or injuries involving electrical shock or from being electrocuted. The commonalities of the shock scenario are uncanny even when speaking of the dozen or so cases I have personally researched or been privy to.

Of these half dozen people who have told me their electrocution stories, they all told me they know that they perceive ‘things a different level than others do.” They go on to report that shortly after the shock experience, a shift happened in their audio and frequency center and has been forever altered.

This shift soon becomes apparent when the person begins to have physical discomfort or pain when coming in contact with certain music, sounds or energy patterns. They feel out of sync and get dizzy, often times becoming sick to their stomach when pressured to stay in the same room as the music, etc.

Most friends I categorize as an AED sufferer all have one thing in common, they love music and even TV shows, but they just can’t stand to listen to either for very long. Staying in a room and listening to the sound gives these people migraine headaches and the sound, music or TV show seems to ‘grate’ on their very being. Even though the story or lyrics are pleasing, the song doesn’t resonate with them.

Music, TV and Movies are my life. Even though I was electrocuted and almost died as a boy, I don’t suffer from full fledged AED like many of my friends. I don’t know what it is about boys using metal wires (a bobby pin in my case) and sticking them into the wall sockets with their teeth…just doesn’t make sense, but I have the scars to prove it. And in my research I was shocked to find I was not alone, in fact, many children of both sexes do the same exact thing. Some don’t survive. Just say ‘NO’ to evil bobby pin use!

It should be noted that if you get a headache listening to your teenager’s punk music, you are not considered to have AED, sorry there folks.

My friends who suffer from this disorder are those that actually love classical music most of the time, however, certain instruments and chords sound ‘out-of-tune’ and very disharmonious to them. At the same time, those around this person hear the piece as wonderfully harmonious and beautiful. I am the first to recognize that some songs are composed in odd sounding disharmony on purpose. There’s no hope for those anyway.

Unfortunately, many AED sufferers feel like there is something wired incorrectly inside their heads. I believe that people who suffer from this type of disorder are not mental cases or crazy at all. Because of my research, I feel that these people are simply evolving to a new heightened sense of awareness, both physically and mentally. A higher state of being that the rest of us only get quaint glimpse of, once in a great while. My friends report that sometimes it is not just sounds and music that bother them, they are ‘hypersensitive’ to unseen energy waveforms around them as well. Of course, we all know that all living objects and people transmit energy forms.

My simple minded conclusion is that these special people are those that have ‘ultra EP’ and can sense their surroundings in multiple levels of subtle energy patterns, both in the RF (radio frequency) and AF (audio frequency) range. People in this category are able to perceive and feel, see or hear many subaudible frequencies as well, which includes sounds and energy beyond normal human hearing range. People who are in this heightened sensitivity state of being can hear, see, smell and actually feel energy waveforms in a given room or even from certain person, place or thing. They have the ability to perceive and register both the positive, negative and gray area energies as well.

As we can already see, these ‘super sensitive’ adults and children are affected greatly by everyday energies that you and I never feel or see. They are bombarded with directed and stray energy waveforms from objects and places that surround them. My friends report that this is quite overpowering for them and they have to learn to tune it all out or go mad trying to.

Unbeknownst to us, these energies are often so powerful that an AED sufferer may find it difficult, if not impossible, to be in a room or area for longer than a few minutes.

You might have a child or family member who fits into this AED category. They may be someone that you may perceive as being ‘too sensitive’ and ‘too open’ for their own good. It is at these times that we need to be open and understanding to their energetic plight.

Most of these people believe incorrectly that they are less than normal and during the teen years, often feel as if there is something mentally wrong with them. They can’t quite figure out why music seems so off-key and full of awful sounding chords and instruments, or why they can’t enjoy the same TV viewing experience as the rest of the family.

Teens and adults with AED like symptoms are often the ones who will retire alone to their room or simply play in private, away from all other home or school activity.

Many of my friends feel they ‘just aren’t wired right’ and that no matter what they do, they still can’t see themselves as normal. These people often feel alone or alienated from friends and family simply because they are different.

As parents, we wonder what the root cause of our children’s problems stem from. Did the problems or the disorder appear out of the blue or have they always been there in some form or another? Looking back at traumatic events, accidents or injuries might help you decide, either way, it is something they did not create, fabricate or cause themselves.

Unfortunately, many parents believe or have been told that their child is ADD or possibly autistic or bipolar. Still others get caught in the trap of treating their child for depression with drugs. We all need to remember that masking a problem with Antidepressants doesn’t heal the child or adult.

It could simply stated that AED sufferers are simply ‘overwhelmed’ by all the noise, sound, music and energy that is broadcast by every household in the US today.

Many of my friends who are suffering from AED have told that they learned at a young age to steer clear of certain areas in their homes that contained certain nasty energy fields. Most learned to ‘fake’ enjoyment of certain music, songs and TV shows, just to fit in.

I had one friend tell me the story that while she was growing up, her most traumatic experience was whenever her parents would go shopping for a new home appliance. She knew that she would have to ‘get to know’ the new electrical appliance. She told me that each appliance had its own unique energy output; some appliances were harsh and downright nasty while others seemed benign. She equated walking into her kitchen like something out of a science fiction movie, complete with a out of control mind ray gun shooting haphazardly all over the kitchen.

To this day, my friend tells me that she doesn’t own a microwave. She tells me that microwave oven have a particularly ‘trickster spirit’ about them. She further informed me that “water molecules don’t like the microwave’s trickster spirit” and they “just don’t get along.” With this report, she also made sure I understood that mineral spirits particularly hate the microwaves ability to change them against their will.

Almost all sensitive people have told me they can sense the energy output of humans, plants and animals, most go on to state they are at different levels or vibrational states of being.

I have one friend name Kim, who not only received energies, but could transmit them back out as well.

Kim’s home computer was always crashing and I was always going over to her house to do computer repair work. I kept telling her to bite the bullet and get a totally new computer system and Kim would always tell me that it wasn’t the computers fault, but that is was her ‘magnetic personality’ that caused her computer to crash incessantly.

While working on Kim’s computer one afternoon, I was trying to see if it had blown out the power supply. I hooked up my test gear and was in the process of measuring the voltage output. For some reason I couldn’t get clear readings on either of my test sets, I couldn’t figure out WHY this was happening. It didn’t make sense as my gear was tested and worked fine at home. I later learned that Kim had something to do with the WHY.

On purpose, she would mess with my voltage readings, just to watch me get frustrated. It seemed Kim was the Harry Houdini of my day and could change my measurement readings several volts negative or positive, simply with her mind. I later learned she was actually touching the case of the computer to cause these wild variations. One thing is certain, my friend Kim was truly ‘magnetic’!

Later when Kim and I we were doing some very non-scientific tests to check her anilities and Kim showed me that she could change my test set readings slightly just by being in the room.

It was quite the parlor trick back then, but not really that uncommon now a days, with all the new brain energy field helmet technology coming out for both military and home gaming applications. Kim just happened to be able to channel and transmit energy to close by objects. She told me she had been doing it for years and that she would often use her ‘ability’ to mess up her TV or car stereo, so that her parents would have to buy her a newer model. Kim had given me my first real ‘psychic energy’ lesson and she soon learned to become ‘tuned’ with many electronic devices.

Kim’s best trick was making street lights flicker and actually go off as we strolled under each one on a light street in Salt Lake City. Like most people listed as AED, Kim was not only great at receiving energies, she could amplify and transmit most of the energy back at an object and sort of control it or at least cause some sort of an effect.

Unfortunately, Kim never became ‘close friends’ with her home computer as I was forced to replace many hard drives and power supplies over my time helping her.

Through my years of research into scientific and electronic field energies, I also begin to see and learn about the ‘spirit potential’ as an actual energetic force. I learned that many people who are in-tune with their spiritual center can actually discern and perceive music or spoken words at what seems to be an entirely different set of frequencies or channels than the rest of us. When we are so ‘opened up’ we also are open to the unfortunate energies and frequencies, not of our choosing.

It is important to us as parents of a ‘sensitive’ child that we begin to understand and help them to learn how to fit in, both at home and in society.

At no time in history have we as human beings, been so bombarded with such high amounts of negative energy as were are today.

Stray radio and microwaves, including sound waves attack our very existence and explode into our living quarters. Millions of watts of radio energy and now even higher powered HDTV waves are cruising through the air, your home and through your body all the time. As a Radio Technician working at a mountain top transmitter site, my buddies and I would take a piece of aluminum foil, wrap it around the end of a long tree branch and climb the antenna tower a ways. Once in place we would raise the foil tipped end of the branch up into the radio antennas pattern lobe and watch the aluminum spark and finally catch fire in just a few minutes time. This is radio frequency radiation we were messing with. It burns and causes cancer in human and animal tissue. Every electrical device in your home transmits some sort of rf radiation and each has a unique set of operating frequencies, some of which jam our very spiritual centers.

To help a person suffering from AED, simply removing the TV and other strong electrical devices from their play or work area, can do wonders. By minimizing their exposure to stray energies, you can help them emotionally and physically. Minimize lighting and the use of unshielded household electrified items which include fluorescent lighting.

If you or your child have AED symptoms, it is important for that person sufferer to stay away from working TV sets that use older picture tubes. The picture tubes of yesterday employed high voltage transformers that have been proven to permeate your home with unhealthy levels of RF radiation. The bigger the picture tube size, the higher the RF radiation you are being exposed to. This radiation is scientifically proven to damage human and animal tissues at the cellular level. Setting a child down in front of these types of TV’s is not only bad on the eyes, but rather dangerous as well. The mental degradation of brain cells by being bombarded with this unhealthy radiation is akin to standing a few miles outside a small nuclear bomb test.

RF energy pollution is a known cancer causing agent in both Humans and Animals, even plants wither and die when placed on top of older tv sets. It has also been documented that the radiation absorption of a person sitting a few feet away from a 25” picture tube TV for just 1 day is the same amount of radiation a person receives from a full year of living under high voltage power lines.

With that being said, if you can help it, never buy or rent a home near or under high voltage power lines. Radiation absorption data is still out on the use of cellphones, but they use similar frequencies as your nasty Microwave oven, but not as powerful. Here are some little known facts about your household appliances.

Fluorescent Lighting

I am quite worried about the huge push to replace all of our incandescent light bulbs with new lower energy consuming fluorescent bulbs.

I agree that the change saves energy and money, but at what cost? Each replacement fluorescent bulb has a 120 VAC to several thousand volt inverter circuit built into the base of each bulb. These bases are not shielded and they put out terribly harsh radio frequency energy to permeate ever room they are used in. Thankfully, they do not have a standby mode, so when they are off, they are really off.

Fluorescent lamps can help us all significantly reduce our energy consumption. They use one quarter the energy of incandescent lamps and last about ten times longer. However, fluorescent bulbs contain the toxic element mercury. When accidentally broken or improperly disposed of, fluorescent bulbs may release mercury into the air, water and soil, and thus pose a threat to human health and the environment. While fluorescent bulbs offer tremendous environmental advantages through energy consumption, the disposal of used fluorescent lighting raises serious environmental concerns. Fluorescent bulbs are ‘leaky’ and putt out RF hash on nearby radios and TV’s, which are already proving to interfere with Emergency Communications systems all over the place.

In Popular Science January ’08, there is an article about MIT announcing their ‘WITRICITY’ wireless AC transmission plan.

Large coils (antennas) feed a 120 volt energy into a transmission antenna at a couple hundred watts output. The AC voltage is sent through the air to a wireless lamp receiver with
another large copper coil to light a regular 100 watt bulb. This seems to be a great idea, yet still not very efficient as it takes 3 times the power to light a lamp in the same room.

In their tests, MIT researchers were able to light the bulb up at over 7 feet away from the AC transmitter. They think that by getting rid of the shielded AC wires in a room is the way to go for the future. The problem is that MIT’s idea just added a whole new spectrum of radiation to the INSIDE of your home. The radiation used with this technique is potentially lethal at 120 VAC and hundred of amps of current flying around your living room. Their system also operates at 60 Hz and these frequencies are known to disrupt brain activity and cause radiation poisoning in human and animal cells.

The planned WITRICITY idea also causes severe interference to nearby Amateur Radios who need their radio bands for disaster and emergency communications.


TV’s that use picture tubes emit hazardous RF energy emissions even when in the standby mode.

With the average teen watching 4 to 5 hours of TV a day, it is only a wonder we are seeing increased depression and mental disorders amongst our youth today. Picture tube type TV’s also eat allot of power, even when the TV is in the OFF, standby mode. It’s better to turn off the entire entertainment center power strip when not in use. This saves energy and reduces your energy footprint, while helping alleviate stray RF energy in your home.

Today’s HDTV flat screens use less power and also transmit less RF energy as a by-product. This is good news to an AED sufferer as well as anyone else in the viewing room. The least RF energy emitter is the new LCD type of TV; second in the energy emission class is the Plasma type screen. Plasma displays still use high voltage converters, but at levels about 60% less than a smaller, current 20-25” picture tube style TV’s. Most Rear Projection TVs use high voltage guns and are considered as unsafe as the older picture tube styled TV.
If you want to decrease negative energy emissions in your TV room, I suggest that you mount your new flat screen TV high up on the wall and as far back from the actual sitting area as possible.


Today’s computers are normally well insulated, but your cpu, power supply and mother board does output negative energy emissions in the 1 to 4 watt range. Wireless equipment in the WIFI 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 GHz range also emit negative energy emissions. Unfortunately, in the FCC’s wisdom, the Wireless devices all operate right at the frequency range of your typical microwave oven. While under 1 watt output, these devices seem safe, however, new studies indicate that prolonged exposure can cause migraines. So, the next time you are working late on a paper and don’t need to be online, unplug your wireless gear and you will see an increased ability to think and write.


Microwave Ovens operate at the 2.1-2.8 GHZ range with huge unhealthy energy outputs of around 1500 watts. I know the Microwave seems to be an efficient tool of the future; it is in fact a synthetic device that unnatural heats water molecules. Since we are almost all water, any stray escaped energy of your microwave can prove deadly. If you want to keep the food ‘alive and tasting real’ we all know not to use the microwave oven.

Studies indicate that microwaving water alters a normal crystalline water structure into odd shaped deformed crystals. Your Microwave Oven may be leaking. Some inexpensive microwave ovens are not shielded adequately and leak out stray RF energy. When an oven leaks, not only are you frying the molecules inside your food; you are frying molecules in your brain as well. Cheap ovens send out very unsafe and unhealthy RF emissions into your home; this has been proven damaging to human brain tissue.

I have personally measured RF Interference from a neighbor’s microwave oven up to one full block away. The Microwave Oven they were using was a $49 cheapie. I can only imagine the tumult of harsh RF energy emissions that damaged their family each and every time it was in use.


For a susceptible AD sufferer, unplug electrical devices when not in use. Make sure that your sleeping and play area is free from high energy output devices such as older TV sets, older VCRS, heating pads and electric blankets. All of these devices can adversely effect physical and mental health.

In summary, reducing the amount of electromagnetic radiation is all up to us individually. Turn of electrical devices or completely unplug them when not in use, to help ‘clean’ your environment inside your home.

Unfortunately, the electrical energy pollution is just going to get worse. Without huge changes in our technology, we will undoubtedly see an increase in mental disorders and cancer among our population.

About the author: Marc Peterson is a certified Electronic Technician and Audio Engineer working with Pride Electronic Labs in Portland, Or. You can reach Marc through his music website at .

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