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 Post subject: Extra Sensorial Faculties and Intuition
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:11 am 
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Extra Sensorial Faculties and Intuition
by Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Traditionally, we have five senses, which give us ideas that define our reality. These senses, are in fact, only the starting point of many other senses, which are vaster and deeper, and we must deepen in their meaning, importance, and real value.
There are opinions against paranormal, nevertheless, this does not mean that the subject is not true since it is very serious and true subject, that generally has been mistreated. Besides, the public has been confused and disoriented.

Paranormal perception is a reality, a level of reception of the consciousness, through the mind and different levels of consciousness. This perception that goes beyond the known senses, is related to the level of serenity, calm and depth of the consciousness, which gives place to the mind extending its fundamental energy towards the universe. In other words: When the mind is serene, for example, in the experience of meditation, the energy of the mind is able to move and travel even higher than the individual and beyond time and space. These senses, have also been called, visceral senses, precognitive senses and also intuitive senses, which means, that one is able to perceive -without having to use reasoning- the emotions or the objective consciousness. Nevertheless, when the perception comes, is like a mixture of information. In many occasions is like a puzzle and that is the reason that many persons doubt the veracity of the experience.

What really happens is that the process does not compare to any previous form of conscious mechanism. This gives place to a method of perception which is different and unknown, like very diffuse. Nevertheless, this is a subject to be understood and with certain and specific methodology, is controlled. This is known as deciphering the perception. The term perception, indicates a sense and a consciousness.

But I would like to explain here, presenting more information of what is known like paranormal. When we deduce, infer, or analyze, then, new ideas or hypotheses arise, which, many times, come as a bank of information to the memory and are compared in order to reach the most appropriate, correct or applicable idea.
While in the paranormal perception, the senses also take part, but in a more subjective form, that we could call " virtual " because what is perceived is not yet found in the real world. That is to say, we can perceive something that is going to happen, long time before it becomes reality. And these could be events, or experiences. The one who perceives recognizes the details and he also can feel, just as he was living them.

In the paranormal perception, is possible to listen, to see, to taste, to hear. In short , to experience all the senses, and we can, in some way, specify that a great part of the paranormal perception is a previous knowledge of the facts. However, the paranormal is also found in the ability to carry out, to act or to influence, without using the five basic senses.

By example: Influencing matter, manipulating matter, even manipulating the mind, utilizing the energy of the thought, which is a force known by people, like the inevitable essence. Some know it like " Qi " or " Chi ".

Besides, these forces can, not only, be developed and strengthened, but can be extended, as if the space and time, were not a limitation. This energy can be directed from a place to other, in a total, absolute and immediate way, without been contained or limited.

Of course, for many, this is not credible, but for those, I make a reflection:

Not every person, has a talent for music, mathematics or art. This does not mean that those sciences and art, do not exist. Nevertheless, for the world of paranormal, sometimes, it combines with themes that extend to much more and with great philosophical and religious depths.

It is important to point an exception : Although religion is paranormal per se, and presents a spiritual view and spiritual consciousness, it does not have a direct relationship with the paranormal phenomena. The paranormal belongs more to the world of the mind than to the world of the spirit.

Let's make the following exercise:
Seat in a comfortable place in a quite environment.
Try to dissipate the tension of the mind and body, by directing the attention to the breathing.
Breathe in a deep and soft way, until experiencing calm and well-being.
Observe that calm and well-being.
See how deeply, the mind clears.
Now, let's judge through that experience which is a source of serenity and well-being that accompany us, that produces, transmits and allows the organization of the psychological elements.
Then, we will be consciously entering the threshold between the consciousness, sub consciousness and the paranormal.


Intuition is a sense which is beyond any other sense. It allows to have a perception beyond time and space and also to interpret and to know more than one information at the time. It is a sense that covers all the other senses, that is to say, it infers, knows beyond knowledge, not only outward but inward and gives the answers with specific details, without having had any ideas to that respect.
We could say that intuition is a receptive telepathy that absorbs information as a sponge would do, even though we don't intend or expect to.

Intuition is also called the superior sense because well trained, it allows us to direct this knowledge, now in a conscious manner.
Intuition is the inner knowledge through the supra conscious mind.
The light of knowledge is found by going through the senses and it has no form but deciphers all forms.

To know by intuition is to reveal the mystery without even asking. To know by intuition is to receive an inspired grace, which can advise, prepare and guide us. It is a map, a guide of life. Intuition does not know frontiers. It discovers, reveals every veil. There are no lies. Intuition is the true magic.

Oscar Basurto Carbonell is author of innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science, are some of his subjects. He is also an accomplished artist, who has been painting since his early years. And has a great knowledge of the ancient science of techniques and designs of the Sacred Geometry, of the Ancient Symbols and of Healing Energy. Learn more by visiting his website Mystic Healing Art.


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