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 Post subject: The Path of Light and Happiness
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:46 pm 
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The Path of Light and Happiness
by Ramaathis-Mam

Chanalized by: Ramaathis-Mam

To the divine light of your being divine flooding and gives life to your body expressing in time and space of evolution Sananda honor and loves you for being what you are and always have been and you will be: Sons of the Creator designed to serve and love unconditionally.

Dear brothers of the universe today I have the opportunity to interact with all of you to inject in your life and evolution in the light of the transformation. Without change there is no life or evolution because everything gets stagnant and disintegrates as an expression of nature reactionary of matter. The universe is a mechanism designed by God with the aim of reintegrating those beings who have split from the flow of love and divine service. The universe itself is the scenario in which experienced varying degrees of development through the expansion of spiritual awareness. Awareness is the projection of your Divine Presence reflecting its existence via virtual reality or projections shadow of ego. Why the Essential Being experience the dark or disassociation of the Divine Source? Because its conscience overshadows creating a misperception of the reality that hides the presence of the Creator that at each instant feels love and compassion for those living in the shadows of unconsciousness.

The path of light and happiness is the path of everlasting of the Being that seeks to fully integrate with the divine to arouse great power with which God has endowed it that is to love and be loved unconditionally. The shadow state of existence is when such a function of intrinsic of love and be happy becomes obstructed by projections of mental ego that vibrates in the juncture of coldness and unhappiness. Although constantly y are seeking happiness in various ways you are not aware that your conception is wrong and thus your efforts end over time in frustration and failure. One can not be happy escaping from the light. You are not aware that your experience in general terms are projections shadows of ego which oversees the scene through the mind and negative emotions.

Happiness is not something alien to your consubstantial nature as beings of immortal light but it is your very essence and therefore pressed incessantly your life and evolution. Light is a synonym of awakening and understanding that have been designed to love and work with the divine plan of evolution that is to regain your eternal and immortal status. Yet did not yet understand that your origin is divine and that you are in the worlds of virtual reality to rectify your insurrection attitude towards God, the universe and the evolution. Being happy is natural for the being because it is a most important attribute of divinity and as we are parts of the Creator is part of our divine essence.

The path of light is the attitude of surrender and acceptance of the divine aims that are based on the dissolution of ego and the expansion of feeling of love and divine service. This implies to get rid of all that impedes your spiritual growth and the dissolution of ego that is hidden behind the masks of self-deception, manipulation and individual an collectively psycho-emotional exploitation. When the spiritual sensitivity is awaken is when the Being begins to receive the light of the transformation to regain its status immortal and divine. Immortality is not a utopia but a reality inherent to the Essential Being that constantly debated in the shadows of ego trapped in desires and thoughts harmful and destructive.

Healing your soul or divine consciousness must be the priority of your life because it is injecting energy into your thoughts, words and actions. Now you are sailing in the mists of false concepts that come from the ego to keep you trapped in the labyrinth of decay and suffering. The path of light is the path of the resurrection and the incorporation of the parameters of spiritual evolution aimed at the ascent of your Being, and the return to divine origin. Happiness is part of the path of the light because both coexist simultaneously. If there was no light or knowledge of your identity divine you will project in virtual realities that are based on concepts, perceptions and erroneous and harmful attitudes. The happiness that sometimes you experiment is relative because it depends on circumstances and specific time. In fact you do not know what is happiness because your energy is channeled toward the dissolution of all that produce you grief and suffering. Happiness is a state of being that had nothing to do with objects, places, people, time or circumstances, but occurs as a result of the connection with your Divine Presence and with God.

Happiness is not for seeking, because do not exists outside, this is a misconception of ego and the mind. Happiness comes inside you when you are understand that you are immortal, divine and eternal and that neither time nor circumstances can damage your spiritual integrity. You are souls wandering in a false darkness that you have created to forget the light that you are that so much scare and anguish you. Being happy is natural but your attitude and conception of happiness is artificial because identify it with the acquisition, manipulation and control of objects, people and circumstances. When you are in the dark only perceive your mind and ego that fear their own shadows and are powerless to be diluted even they are its creators. The path of light is the mechanism for the acquisition of spiritual knowledge that allows you to detect and dilute the shadows of ego that are responsible for your conflict and suffering. The more you seek happiness more will evade you because that attitude is a reflection of the desire to control and generate something that only emanates from the divine level when you are in tune with it.

The path of light is the path of meeting again with your Divine Presence that remains disconnected from the world of the mind and ego in which usually you live. You walk between the shadows of egocentrism that projected confusion, fear, anxiety and frustration in your life. The more you are struggling to evade the circumstances that are a projection of God's plan of evolution the more you grow apart of happiness of acceptance and understanding that everything is perfect. The universe and the Divinity are supporting constantly your processes of evolution, but as you do not have the perception and proper attitude you interfere and generates conflict.

Your Being is pervaded by eternal life pressing all states of cosmic evolution that you are going discovering when you surrender to the intentions of the Creator. The path of the light is to understand that you are divine service units to expand the creative power of God and vibrate in the love of selfless love for peace and harmony in your life. When you seek the happiness of others you are creating an endless source of prosperity, harmony and inner peace. Being happy is not a mental or emotional excitement, but a sense of harmony and communion with God knowing and integral partner in the dance of cosmic evolution.

Every day you walk the sidewalks of ego that are rugged and dangerous and generating exhaustion and loss of spiritual vision. You are very active looking for happiness which is a reflection and projection of your identification with the physical body and mind that are volatile and susceptible of corruption. You walk among your fellow human beings as strange and distant that only pursuing the demands of egocentrism and producing separation, resentment and frustration. You walk in the darkness of mind that deviates you from the connection with your Divine Presence and with the flow of life and evolution. You are roaming aimlessly by the labyrinths of duality because you forgot your divine origin that is beyond space and universal time. You live in the shadows of ego that drags you to experience the decadence and corruption of your immortal and divine essence. You have agreed with the shadows of ego to experience a fleeting happiness that leaves a sediment of bitterness and disappointment in your life.

You are divine emanations wandering in the mythical worlds of evolution in an attempt to experience what you are not. You are light but living from the darkness of ego that thrives on separation, aggressiveness and exploitation. Why been light lived in the shadow of ego? For personal choice and forget your divine nature that is the source of connection with the happiness and love that emanate from God. It is a state of insubordination towards life and the laws of love and divine service thinking that in this way you will be happy. But time and circumstances constantly demonstrate you otherwise. The path of light is the path of unconditional surrender to divine intentions, where love and harmony are the elements of a transaction. You are subjected to the demands of ego and the mind that constantly harass you with all sorts of proposals of control, manipulation and exploitation of life and evolution.

If you follow the path of light will experience the joy of being part of the universe and of God flowing in a fountain of wisdom and spiritual evolution ad infinitum. Being happy is to be aware that you are beyond the jurisdiction of time, space and circumstances that only interact with the ego and the mind. You must understand that you were born to discover this great purpose of resurrection you yearn Essential Being when connecting with the path of the light that leads to God. Now and always you are light walking the light that sometimes perceive as shadows, because you fear to accept that you are divine and immortal. Only then you will be happy and you will discover that happiness and you are one and indivisible when vibrating in the tessitura of service and unconditional love. This is the message that Sananda transmit you so that your essences capture light and the love that I have printed on it. You are all very loved by my me, children of the universe and of the divine light of the Creator.

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