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Alice Bailey

Alice A. Bailey (16 June 1880 - 15 December 1949), writer and lecturer on Neo-Theosophy, was born in England in 1880 as Alice LaTrobe Bateman. She moved to America in 1907 where she spent the rest of her life. She was a prolific author on mysticism and founded an international esoteric movement. Her writings gave rise to many aspects of contemporary New Age belief.

Alice Bailey's books are on subjects such as the path of spiritual evolution, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the new discipleship, spiritual meditation as a form of service for human beings, on esoteric astrology, and on esoteric healing.

She envisaged a new world religion in which every human being, regardless of race, religion, or sex, could be free to search truth in peace and brotherhood.

It has been said by her supporters that Bailey's books are more inspirational than informational, and that the works themselves are occult artifacts which have a definite effect upon those who read them.

All these books were written in a scheme that suggest a spiritual path to be followed to expand mental horizons and gain a new wisdom and awareness on the world and of human beings. The reader is invited to meditate deeply on the theories espoused, and to use intuition to awaken the higher mind and to see beyond first-glance conclusions.

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