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The Rosicrucian Order is a legendary esoteric Order publicly documented in the early 17th century. This hermetic Order is viewed among earlier and many modern Rosicrucianists as a "College of Invisibles" from the inner worlds, composed of great Adepts, aiming to give assistance in mankind's spiritual unfoldment. When compared to human beings, the consciousness of these Adepts is said to be like that of demi-gods.

Several modern societies have been formed for the study of Rosicrucianism and allied subjects. However, many researchers on the history of Rosicrucianism argue that modern Rosicrucianists are in no sense directly derived from the "Brethren of the Rose Cross" of the 17th century. Instead, they are considered to be keen followers. Moreover, some have viewed the 17th century Order as a literary hoax or prank, rather than an operative society. Others contend that history shows them to be the genesis of later operative and functional societies. Rosicrucianism has its roots in the western mystery tradition and is generally associated with the symbol of the Rose Cross. The Rosicrucian greeting is, "May the Roses bloom upon your Cross."

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